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SeElectronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter

Project Studio Reflexion Filter

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The Project Studio Reflexion Filter reduces room ambience effectively while retaining the sound quality of your vocals. Using the same basic design as the Reflexion Filter Pro version, the affordable Project Studio Reflexion Filter outperforms copies and all other filtering devices in its price range.

The metal frame is lined with the same patented polyester fibreboard as the Pro version uses for its outer layer. This material has extremely good acoustic absorbtion properties; much better than simple foam products. This is then further lined with a high density crystal foam with curved undulations rather the cheaper and less effective ribbed, medium density foams that are widely used by other companies.

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UPC: 850426001682

The result is a product which looks fantastic and 'sounds' even better when recording vocals and acoustic guitars... its not an RF Pro, but it's the best of the rest!

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