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Samson AirLine 77 Headband System - N4

AH1/Qv10e Transmitter with Samson Qv10e Vocal Headset Mic, CR77 Receiver, output cable & AC500 Power Supply

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The Samson AirLine 77 headset system offers ultra-small transmitters coupled with a sturdy headset system that's perfect for lively performances and exercise routines. It's available in a variety of different frequencies to meet your needs. This AirLine 77 system comes with a discrete QV10E headset aerobics microphone, AH1 transmitter, and high quality receiver - a complete wireless system at an extremely affordable price. For singers, dancers, and anyone else who needs an excellent wireless system on-the-move, look no further than the Samson Airline 77.

The AirLine 77 Series headset system starts off with the QV10E headset mic, providing clean, clear reproduction of vocal presentation material. With its corrosion-resistant element, the QV10E is great for dancers who sing, singers who dance...just about anywhere you need to be heard clearly while in motion. The QV10E fits securely and comfortably over the ears and behind the head, and it's so light you might forget it's on.

The AH1 headset transmitter mounts right on to Samson's comfortable and lightweight headset. Incredibly small, the AH1 still features an easy-to-reach power on/off switch; an input sensitivity control to adjust the mic level; a mute (audio on/off) switch and a multi-function LED that indicates when the transmitter is on and when your battery's running low.

The AirLine 77 Series' CR77 wireless receiver gives you the dropout-free reassurance of a true diversity system. The CR77 constantly polls its two receivers and locks into the strongest signal. It's available with any one of six UHF frequencies. The CR77 is rugged, durable, and crystal clear, with an impressive range. It brings you sophisticated wireless technology at a great price. The entire line of Samson AirLine 77 wireless systems deliver pro-quality UHF wireless that any group can afford!

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UPC: 809164202967

  • Excellent vocal reproduction from ultra-light QV10E headset mic
  • Compact, reliable AH1 headset transmitter
  • Dropout-free CR77 true diversity receiver
  • Samson QV10E headset mic
  • AH1 headset transmitter is powerful and reliable
  • CR77 receiver offers true diversity reliability

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