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Waldorf WDF-PPG-3

Software,Synthesizer,Wave 3.V - mac/pc

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Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer, which no doubt is considered one of the most respected high-end synthesizers of the 80s. Developed by Wolfgang Palm, this instrument is featured on countless records, and it inspired a whole generation of producers, composers and listeners. While back then it was your choice to spent your money either for a vehicle or the PPG, the new PPG Wave 3.V renders this breathtaking sonic character very affordable, comfortably to use for every VST or AU Host.

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  • Up to 256 Voices (CPU-dependent)
  • Authentic reproduction of the digital oscillators
    from the PPG Wave 2.2 and 2.3.
  • Precision-modeled 12dB/24dB PPG lowpass filter
  • More than 100 new wavetables created by
    Wolfgang Palm
  • Sample playback with selectable PPG 2.2, 2.3, or
    full bit-resolution
  • Complete Waveterm B sample library included
  • Original PPG Wave 2.3 factory sounds included
  • Contains over 500 new sounds, some featuring
    specially created samples
  • Host automation and MIDI control of almost
    all parameters
  • 8-way multitimbral with six effect processors
    per part, totaling up to 48 simultaneous effects
  • Effect types: 4-band fully parametric Equalizer;
    Overdrive; 12-stage Phaser; six-stage Chorus;
    Stereo Delay; Reverb
  • Transistor- or tube-type Filter Overdrive
  • Import sounds from PPG Wave 2.2/2.3
    (requires Hermann Seib firmware V8)
  • Windows: XP or higher; VST-compatible host
  • Mac: OS X 10.3.9 or higher; AU-compatible host

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