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Genelec 8260APM- Black Pair

Two 10 inch Tri-Amplified DSP Monitors

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The Genelec 8260A 3-way DSP monitoring system features major advances in audio driver technology integrated to a sophisticated enclosure design.

The 8260A boasts Genelec MDC Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Mid/High driver technology, a breakthrough in coaxial driver design that provides more accurate imaging and improved sound quality both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis. The extremely smooth frequency response leads to outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music.

The 8260A combines, for the first time, a coaxial driver (MDC) with a modern waveguide technology (DCW), ensuring drivers to couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth, as well as creating coincident mid-frequency/high frequency point source.

As a new member of the TEC Award-winning 8200 Series, the 8260A features Genelec DSP signal processing responsible for all loudspeaker functions, such as the crossover filters, driver equalizers, driver position alignment, room response alignment, calibration, and equalization related filters as well as distance compensating delays.

The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software manages all these functions, allowing the 8260A to be used together with other 8200 Series DSP monitors and 7200 Series subwoofers in the same setup. Genelec AutoCal automated room calibration and sound system alignment method provides consistent and accurate frequency response for a multichannel audio system in widely varying room environments.

The 8260A is housed in a die-cast aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) with acoustically optimized rounded edges to prevent diffractions and yielding superb sound stage imaging. The robust enclosure is also completely immune to vibrations. Each 8260A also comes with an Iso-Pod (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler) that eliminates coloration of the sound by decoupling the monitor from its mounting surface. For ideal mounting in differing environments, the 8260A includes integrated rear support points for various floor and wall stands.

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MPN: 8260APM

  • 10-inch bass, 5-inch laminate cone midrange and 3/4-inch coaxial Al-dome treble drivers
  • 150W bass, 120W midrange and 120W treble amplifier power
  • Considerably more sound pressure (SPL) than Genelec largest two-way systems
  • Improved sound quality due to the dedicated midrange channel
  • Outstanding imaging and off-axis definition due to coincident MF and HF (MDCTM) drivers
  • Exceptional clarity and precise imaging thanks to the absence of discontinuities in the design of the Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDCTM) driver combined with the Advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCWTM)
  • Industrial and robust enclosure design: die-cast aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure
  • Effective and reliable auto-calibration of stereo and surround systems thanks to AutoCal automatic room alignment technology
  • New generation of low distortion drivers
  • Advanced filtering and power amplification
  • High performance reflex port design avoiding port turbulence and noise as well as improving LF efficiency and definition
  • Proprietary GLM control network formation over CAT5 connections
  • Comprehensive user interface with GLMTM software
  • AES/EBU or analog audio signals compatibility
  • Better integration of loudspeakers in the digital studio environment.
  • Freestanding design that can also be flush mounted.

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