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LP Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit

Includes Cowbell, Tambourine, and Mounting Bracket

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LP is pleased to present the Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit, a collaboration with one of the leading drumset artists. Certainly, if international drum polls are to be believed year after year, then Mike Portnoy ranks as one of the top drummers of all time!

When it comes to Mike Portnoy's Dream Theater music, percussion timbres are integral. And when it comes to playing like his idols Moon and Bonham, the vibe would not be complete without cowbell or tambourine.

Enter the LP Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit. It consists of an LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell, based on the Rock Cowbell. It features a Red Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge, secured firmly with specially designed rivets. The Jenigor bar has a damping effect and, in addition, protects the bell's metal edge from denting. According to Mike's preferences, the LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell is somewhat higher in pitch than the LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider bell. It has all the body of the traditional rock bell but with a little more high-end cut.

The LP Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit also contains another essential instrument for capturing both the 60s sound and the range of tonalities in prog: the LP Mountable Cyclops Tambourine. This is the most ergonomically designed, comfortable and durable tambourine ever produced. Its rounded edges provide extra durability against sustained drumstick striking, while nickel-plated steel alloy jingles deliver the bright, projecting sound that defines Brit pop! A patented jingle pinning system locks the jingles in place. The LP Cyclops Tambourine will last fully 5 times longer than other tambourines. The inclusion of LP's forged eye-bolt assembly enables secure placement on standard 3/8 in. diameter rods, or on hi-hat stand pull rods.

Finally, they've included an LP Mount-All Percussion Bracket, which includes a black powder-coated Z-rod that is ideal for any 3/8 in. diameter mountable percussion.

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MPN: 008-MP

  • LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell with a red Jenigor plastic bar
  • LP Cyclops Tambourine with Nickel-plated steel alloy jingles and a forged eye-bolt assembly to fit securely on any 3/8 diameter rod or hi-hat stand pull rod
  • LP Mount-All Percussion Bracket with a black powder-coated Z-rod that fits any 3/8 diameter mountable percussion
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5 in

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