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Personal On Stage Sound Environment Monitor System

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Posse Audio

The POSSE Audio Personal On Stage Sound Environment Monitor System is the ultimate, easy to use personal monitor controller for live and studio use! The POSSE system allows you to customize your ear monitors in the comfort of your home or studio. Then, you can bring POSSE to any venue you play and always have the greatest confidence in how you sound, because you are taking your mix with you!

The POSSE personal monitor mixer is inserted between the performer's vocal mic and/or instrument, and the house PA system. Because POSSE taps the audio signal path invisibly, it has no effect on the signal that passes to the house mix. The performer can adjust their mix without affecting what the audience and the other band members hear.

Any performer from a violinist in an orchestra to a drummer in a rock band, or a trumpet player in a big band to a solo singer/songwriter, will be stunned by the improved monitoring ability of the POSSE personal monitor mixer.

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  • Comes with a line of sight built in tuner
  • No more feedback from floor monitors
  • No more being at the mercy of the soundman
  • No more blown out vocal chords because you can now hear yourself
  • Control singing pitch while listening to a stereo mix with both headphones on
  • Transparent to house systems
  • Two built in stereo condenser mics to blend in ambient sound
  • 5 individual controls, mic, instrument, ambient, aux and a master volume
  • Mini stereo output for recording to a digital recorder
  • A/C powered or works for 12 hours on one 9 volt battery
  • Mini stereo input for MP3 player to send break music through the system
  • Designed by musicians for musicians

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