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Yamaha i-MX1

Midi Interface for 30 Pin iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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i-MX1 is a MIDI interface cable which enables iPad / iPhone to be connected to any MIDI instrument. There is no difficult setup, simply connect i-MX1 between iPad / iPhone and a MIDI instrument such as synthesizer, electronic drum kit, digital piano before launching the Apps from your iPad / iPhone. You can play and control the Apps sound using the real interface of instrument. There are also dedicated applications for Yamaha synthesizers which will expand the functions of your instrument. The Faders & XY Pad MIDI Control application controls your synthesizer's sounds by sending MIDI control change messages from the iPad. Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad is an application that transmits notes to the synthesizer. All the applications from Yamaha will increase the joy of playing instruments by combining the unique interface of you iPad / iPhone.

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UPC: 086792958033

  • Play your favorite iPhone/iPad virtual instruments using your MIDI instrument of choice. For example, play Garage Band for iPad using a MIDI keyboard or electronic drum kit.
  • Easy, no hassle setup, just plug in, download your apps, and play!

    Works great with the following apps:
  • Faders & XY Pad
  • Faders
  • Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad
  • Voice Editor Essential
  • Multi Editor Essential
  • Performance Editor Essential
  • Set List Organizer
  • TNR-i

  • Adapter
  • MIDI cables

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