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SeElectronics IRF2

Small Portable Reflection Filter 13 inch Goose Neck

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The Instrument Reflection Filter is designed on the same principle as its bigger brother the Reflection Filter. It forms a small curved wall of punched Aluminum, with 3 layers of polyester fiberboard separated with air gaps, which helps reduce room ambience and isolates the mic from ambient noise.

The IRF has a hole punched through it to allow a pencil mic, or SM57 etc. to be fixed through it, especially useful when close micing drums (to help with track separation) or overhead micing. The IRF is ideas for use with pianos, drums and wind instruments, wheras the RF is used for vocals and guitars.

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UPC: 850426001811

  • Ideal Instrument Isolation Filter
  • Reduces Off Axis Noise & Artifacts
  • Triple-Layer Polyester Fiberboard
  • Curved Punched Aluminum Frame
  • Adjustable Gooseneck

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