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Hosa HEM-462

Hum Eliminator for PC Audio Integration

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The HEM-462 from Hosa is a two channel Hum Eliminator designed to get rid of 'ground loop' problems, such as AC hum or buzz and/or pop noises.

The unit can be used to convert between balanced and un-balanced lines, in either direction. The RCA phono connectors make the HEM-462 suitable for work with desktop digital audio applications.

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UPC: 728736037250

  • Eliminates AC hum/60Hz buzz and noise quickly and easily
  • Breaks grounds loops safely, while leaving all signal grounds intact
  • Converts automatically back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines at either end
  • Switches provided for ground lift, pad in/out and a stereo to mono switch for combining inputs
  • Completely passive design

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