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Bundle Including iZotope Alloy, Nectar, and Ozone 5 Plug-ins - RTAS/AudioSuite, AU, and VST (Digital Download Only)

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iZotope's Studio bundle includes a full collection of three amazing iZotope plug-ins, covering mixing, mastering, and vocal production. iZotope Alloy gives you the essential mixing tools you need, such as an 8-band EQ, a powerful harmonic exciter, a fully loaded dynamics tool, and many other powerhouse processors. Add polish to your vocals with its professional-quality de-esser and make your drums pop with its unique transient shaper. Alloy also comes with over 150 excellent presets and MacroPresets, which make dialing in the perfect sound fast and easy.

The Studio bundle also includes iZotope Nectar, a complete vocal-processing suite loaded with automatic pitch correction, breath control processing, and many other vocal-specific tools. Nectar's saturation engine lets you add warmth and grit to your vocals, and a focused doubling engine for thickening effects. Nectar even includes a highly music reverb section and a flexible delay section, both specifically geared toward accenting vocals. To get you started, Nectar comes with a huge library of built-in Style presets.

iZotope Ozone is your complete mastering system. Ozone's paragraphic EQ combines 6 bands of adjustable notch filters, high and low shelf filters, with its unique Matching EQ mode. EQ matching let you capture reference spectrum snapshots from material and apply the overall EQ curve to your tracks - perfect for getting a unified sound across multiple tracks. On top of that, Ozone includes a powerful Loudness Maximizer section, multiband dynamics, a multiband harmonic exciter, and tons of other great mastering tools.

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  • Includes 3 powerful plug-in suites
  • iZotope Alloy gives you powerful mixing tools
  • iZotope Nectar covers all of your vocal processing needs
  • iZotope Ozone mastering suite adds professional polish to your finished mixes
  • RTAS/AudioSuite, AU, and VST compatible plug-in formats
  • Mac and PC platforms supported

    iZotope Alloy Complete Mixing Effects Suite:
  • 6 precision tools for mixing in one integrated system
  • Load one plug-in for all of the essential EQ, dynamics and sound-shaping effects you need on your tracks and busses. Save custom presets and effect chains to suit any need
  • Easy to navigate UI with precise controls and extensive visual feedback for setting modules
  • Zero-latency operation for ease of use in Logic and Pro Tools
  • User-customizable signal routing with 2 dynamics stages, sidechain mapping and more
  • Dynamics, Exciter and Transient Shaper have both single and multiband operation, giving you more simplicity or more control depending on the task at hand
  • Includes a huge range of presets that range from simple and useful EQ and Dynamics configurations to complex chains that use all 6 modules
  • MacroPresets combine key controls from any combination of Alloy's 6 modules into a custom UI that shows just what you need to see
  • Sidechaining support for VST, AU, RTAS and DirectX hosts lets you control the Dynamics section from other tracks in your mix. Affect the whole signal or zero in on just the frequency range you want with advanced multiband sidechaining
  • Crosschaining allows you to trigger the dynamics section with another frequency band of the same input source for never-heard-before compression and gating effects
  • Powerful workflow tools make your life simpler - the History list lets you go back in time, and the integrated preset editor lets you browse, manage and customize presets easily
  • System Requirements: Windows (XP, x64, Vista), Mac OS X 10.4 or later, (Universal Binary)
  • Formats: Pro Tools 7+ (RTAS/ AudioSuite), VST, Audio Units, DirectX, MAS PC

    iZotope Nectar Complete Vocal Suite:
  • 11 vocal effects and processors plus pitch correction in one comprehensive plug-in
  • 2 operation modes - basic and advanced - plus 110 preset styles in 12 genres
  • Automatic and Manual Pitch Correction for quick tuning, hard tuning, and detailed note-by-note graphic editing
  • Breath Control allows you to dial in or crush out breath noise
  • Compressors Module packed with enough features to easily stand alone - includes optical, solid-state, and parallel compression modes among others
  • De-Esser intelligently turns down sibilance for extreme clarity
  • Saturation engine provides 5 different saturation modes, including Analog, Retro, Tape, Tube, and Warm
  • Doubler with gain, pan, pitch, and delay controls adds modern thickening effect to up to 4 separate additional voices
  • EQ with detailed visual feedback - based on iZotope's award-winning multi-band EQ design
  • Gate lets you clean up the dead space between vocal phrases, wiping out mic bleed or background noise
  • Limiter includes iZotope's intelligent limiter technology and level histogram display for precise control over the loudness threshold of your track
  • Delay featuring Digital, Tape, and Analog modes plus fun effects such as modulation and distortion
  • Reverb with a full set of controls, including a Color parameter fun added versatility

    iZotope Ozone Mastering System:
  • 64-bit internal processing chain
  • Supports up to 192kHz sampling rate
  • Complete mastering suite in a single plug-in
  • New mid-side processing in EQ, Dynamics, and Harmonic Exciter
  • Intelligent Crossover Mode
  • True Envelope dynamics processing
  • 8-band paragraphic EQ (linear-phase, tube-modeled and matching modes)
  • Multiband dynamics with compression, limiting, expansion, peak and RMS Detection modes
  • Multiband harmonic exciter with 3 excitation models
  • Multiband, frequency-dependent stereo imaging
  • Mastering reverb with plate and room-modeled algorithms
  • Intelligent Loudness Maximizer automatically adjusts to transients with sharpness and clarity while boosting the perceived loudness
  • MBIT+ dithering for psychoacoustically optimized word length reduction
  • Real-time analysis tools with FFT-based spectrum display and linear, Third-octave, and critical band modes
  • Correlation and phase meters
  • Dynamics meters with histogram, dynamics transfer function and gain reduction Meters
  • Dithering meters including DC offset meter and bit meter
  • Analog-modeled modes throughout for added warmth
  • Elegant, highly efficient user interface
  • Automation support
  • Superior stability
  • CPU-efficient
  • Hyperpreset library
  • Excellent documentation including extensive mastering and dithering tutorials

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