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Hughes Kettner TriAmp MKII

100w 3 Dual-Channel Tube Head

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Hughes Kettner

TriAmp MK II is the flagship of our amp armada and the first choice for the gigging guitarist. It weds classic tube amp design and modern versatility to create a stage-worthy performer par excellence. No less than three independent amp sections with two channels each and 13 hand-picked tubes deliver a mindboggling array of sounds spanning 50 years of rock history, ranging from Californian clean to British rock to latter-day high-gain. If you like your sounds spiced with effects, you'll love TriAmp MK II's FX loops. Equipped with switchable serial and parallel circuits, this amp and effect devices make a heavenly match. Integrating complex multieffects setups into your gigging rig is a piece of cake courtesy of the included MSM-1 MIDI module. Even audio techs and recording engineers rejoice at the sight of TriAmp MK II because they know that the on-board Red Box, our awardwinning frequency-compensated DI box, makes life so much easier. TriAmp MK II stands as an impressive testament to the fact that purist tube sound and tonal variety are not mutually exclusive. That makes this the amp of choice for artists who want nothing less than the best. And its stylish look is the icing on an already very satisfying cake.

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  • Channels 1A: Vintage Californian Clean, 1B: Vintage British Clean, 2A: Classic British Rock, 2B: Vintage British Rock, 3A: British Hot Rodded, 3B: Modern Californian Hi Gain
  • Power 100 Watts
  • Poweramp 4x EL34
  • Preamp9x 12AX7
  • Effects Loopserial/parallel
  • MIDIbuilt in
  • Footswitch/Stageboard7-way Stageboard TriAmp included
  • Switching Functions 3x Amp, 3x Channel, 1x FX
  • Special FeaturesRED BOX built in
  • Speaker Outputs1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8/2x 16 Ohms, 1x16 Ohms
  • Suggested Speaker CabinetCC 412 A/B 25, CC 412 A/B 30, CC 412 WA30
  • Protective Coverincluded
  • Dimensions750 x 340 x 256 mm
  • Weight22 kg/49 lbs
  • External Fuse (Anode) 1 x T 500 mA Slo-blo
  • Fuses230V: T 1,6A, 117V: SB 3,15A, 100V: T 3,15A

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