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ISP Theta

Guitar Preamp Pedal

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ISP Technologies created the Theta Preamp Pedal to bring you the aggressive gain and sustain from their acclaimed Theta amplifier, in a pedalboard-friendly design. We're talking outrageous gain - over 160dB of gain, when you use both the Pre-distort Preamplifier and High Gain Distortion sections together. Or just the Pre-distort Preamplifier stage's 3-band EQ for sweet tone shaping independent of the high-gain stage, for extra versatility. And with its +/-15-volt power supply, you've got an amazing amount of headroom for more dynamic tones with the ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Pedal.

Over 160dB of gain for undeniably aggressive tone and sustain
It may seem like a bit much, but between the two gain stages on the Theta Preamp Pedal you've got over 160dB of gain on tap. You can use the Pre-distort Preamp stage either for clean tone-shaping (with the 3-band EQ) or as a rich-sounding overdrive. The High Gain Distortion stage gives you 3-band tonal control too, so it's easy to really dial-in your ideal tones on the Theta Preamp Pedal.

Decimator G-string II circuit means ultra-quiet operation
The award-winning Decimator G-string II noise-reduction circuit on the Theta Preamp Pedal is what keeps this high-gain monster from sounding like a continuous static discharge. In fact, the Decimator technology provides more than 80dB of noise reduction. And the big deal with this generation of the Decimator technology is the incredibly smooth release response, which means that you don't hear the noise reduction working at all - you just notice how quiet your rig is when you're not playing.

More headroom means more punch, impact, and tonal tenacity
The Theta Preamp Pedal packs an internal +/-15-volt power supply, which gives it three times the headroom of a typical 9-volt pedal. More headroom means more dynamics, and that means more punch, impact, and nuance in your tone. So even if you have the gain on the Theta Preamp Pedal cranked, you'll still have a powerful, aggressive tone with a ton of character.

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MPN: Theta Preamp Pedal
UPC: 898182001027

  • High-gain preamplifier pedal for electric guitar with two gain stages
  • Pre-distort Preamp stage can be used for clean tone shaping, or as an overdrive
  • High Gain Distortion stage provides incredible distortion and sustain
  • Use both stages together for up to 160dB+ of gain
  • Independent 3-band EQs with sweepable mids for each gain stage
  • Decimator G-string II circuit gives you over 80dB of noise reduction for quiet high-gain operation
  • +/-15-volt power supply gives you incredible headroom for more dynamic, punchy tones

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