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Dean Markley 3107 Gold River Accelerator Jack

Accelerator / Preamp Jack

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Dean Markley

Dean Markley's West Coast Series Gold River Accelerator Jack is not like any other preamp jack. It is two exceptional jacks in one.

Yes, it certainly is a super high quality, gold-plated, stereo End-Pin Jack. But to channel-A, Dean included a built-in, discrete Class A pre-amplifier. This channel is the one that goes to the tip of a male, stereo plug. You'll love the clean sound that comes through this channel from your piezo pickup.

Channel B is wired directly through the jack, going to the 'sleeve' of a male, stereo plug. This is the channel that allows for the use of another pickup; it is wired ideally so you can add a magnetic pickup to your performances.

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What an excellent enhancement to your guitar the Gold River Accelerator Jack is! It is entirely hidden inside your guitar. 'Look, Ma. No unsightly holes!' It improves the tone of any Under-The-Bridge-Saddle transducer or stick-on, piezo pickup. And because it is a stereo jack, it works equally as well with a magnetic pickup. The Accelerator Jack also takes the place of a typical output jack. Using the Gold River Accelerator Jack will greatly increase headroom, tone, and output to your amplifier.

The Gold River Accelerator Jack works with all Dean Markley transducers as well as with any other brand of pickup you may have currently installed in your guitar. For true stereo output, there is an additional connector included, which may be used with any soundhole pickup and your stereo cable.

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