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Bending Library Software

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Native Instruments

The Circus Circuit Bending Library, pays tribute to the art form of Circuit Bending, which since its foundation in the 1960s has produced several interesting instruments with a wide range of unique sounds... Unfortunately, the world of Circuit Bending was previously reserved only for those who were already involved in the subject, armed with soldering irons and components to tackle the equipment. With the Circus Circuit sound library, sidsonic libraries wants to change this. For the first time it will be possible for many musicians and sound designers to engage themselves in the matchless breadths of circuit bending, and to create their own personal slant on this innovative type of sound production.
What is Circuit Bending?

Circuit Bending is all about modifying or extending pre-existing circuits. From simple short- or dataline cutting up to establishing whole new assembly groups, everything is welcomed to alter the gears' sound. No matter whether keyboards, drumcomputers, radios or toys are used, the results are astonishing! Previously rather uninteresting pieces of gear gain new life as sources for most unusual and freaked-out sounds, usable for a lot of distinct musical ideas.

For the Circus Circuit Bending Library, 14 instruments got extensively modified, recorded and edited. Latter was done with special care to preserve the unrivaled sound only Circuit Bending can provide. Merely major flaws in pitch or tone were edited in order to guarantee seamless playability. This leads up to the worlds' first multi-sampleset collection which makes the peerless sound of Circuit Bending usable for every kind professional productions.
Tweak it! ... with the Native Instruments Kontakt Player software

For easy handling and hands-on control there are actual two instruments delivered with the Circus Circuit Bending Library. One was designed especially for drumsounds, one for synthsounds, offering many possibilities for editing sounds.

Both feature a dedicated set of filters, effects and modulation possibilities to alter every sampleset the way you want.

From slight changes emphasizing the sound up to complete destruction, giving some good old edge, everything is possible. To get the mental character a little further, even more unusual constructs like a convolution reverb good for anything but reverb can be found here.

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UPC: 4030375001612

  • Two unique sound modules
  • 14 loony Circuit Bending instruments
  • 179 unique Synth- and Drumkits
  • over 18000 samples in total
  • 5.2 GB Circuit Bending power
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Engine
  • 36 page booklet
  • Mac, PC
  • VST, AU, RTAS, Stand-alone
  • 1 Dual-Layer DVD

    Drum Module
  • Five drum groups: BD, SD, Toms, Cym, Perc
  • Granular synthesis for each group
  • Filter assortment per group: 4- or 6-pole Lowpass, Pro53 Lowpass, 4-pole Bandpass, 2- and 4-pole Highpass, Voweler
  • Insert-FX per group: Saturator, 1 band EQ and Distortion
  • Send-FX: Chorus, Flanger, Delay and Convolution Reverb
  • Amp section with 2 band EQ and two filters
  • Filter assortment in the Amp section: First filter: 4-pole Lowpass and Pro53 Lowpass; second filter: 4-pole Highpass
  • Two AHDSR envelopes with up to four targets (Volume, Tune, Cutoff, Resonance)
  • Two LFOs (free/sync) with six waveforms and up to five targets (Volume, Tune, Panorama, Cutoff, Resonance)
  • Reset All button to make your own sounddesign
  • New graphic interface for easy handling

    Synth Module
  • Granular Synthesis
  • Filter assortment:
  • First filter: 4-pole Lowpass, Pro53 Lowpass, Voweler
  • Second filter: 2-pole Highpass
  • Insert-FX: Saturator, Skreamer, 2 band EQ and Stereo Modeller
  • Send-FX: Chorus, Flanger, Delay and Convolution Reverb
  • Two AHDSR envelopes with up to four targets (Volume, Tune, Cutoff, Resonance)
  • Two LFOs (free/sync) with six waveforms and up to five targets (Volume, Tune, Panorama, Cutoff, Resonance)
  • New graphic interface for easy handling

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