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Audient ASP510

Surround Sound Controller

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Featuring Audient's signature transparency, high performance, and multi-purpose functionality, the Audient ASP510 integrates easily and seamlessly with any console or DAW based surround set-up to provide comprehensive control of the monitoring and record functions for multiple surround sound formats. You'll find the Audient ASP510 surround monitor controllers are seen in all of Abbey Road's surround-capable studios.

Multiple Surround Sound Formats
The ASP510 comprises a single rack unit and a small desktop remote. It handles all of these tasks: Selection of 5 preset Monitor Formats: 5.1, LCRS, Stereo, Mono and Bypass allowing surround monitoring to be collapsed into 4-, 2- or 1-channel formats all with the correct down-mix coefficients for instantaneous compatibility checks. The Bypass switch allows the main Left and Right monitor speakers to be fed directly by your mixing console control room outputs when you are not working on a surround project.

The ASP510 is ideal for surround sound music production, DVD-V and DVD-A authoring, film and video post-production, film production and Foley, SACD and DTS authoring, video game production, digital television, audio visual production, and multi-channel OBs.

Console Integration and Easy Calibration
The ASP510 integrates with your console Solo logic system so that the surround monitor system can detect and insert soloed signals exactly as you're used to. It even has a remote Dim input so that your console can continue to dim the monitors when talkback is active. The ASP510 also features individual Cut and Isolate switches for each of the six monitors. This makes for easy calibration of the monitor system using the programmable Monitor Reference and Dim utilities along with the internal Pink Noise generator. An insertable 80Hz sub-bass filter allows accurate LFE monitoring.

Selection of Up to Six Monitor Sources

  • Surround Rec - The 6 console bus outputs used to derive the surround mix.
  • Surround Play A - Surround input A (normally the return from multi-channel
    recorder A)
  • Surround Play B - Surround input B (normally the return from multi-channel
    recorder B)
  • Stereo Rec - the source being used to derive the stereo mix.
  • Stereo Play A - Stereo input A (normally the return from stereo recorder A)
  • Stereo Play B - Stereo input B (normally the return from stereo recorder B)

    The ASP510 allows selection of the Stereo Record Source as either the console stereo bus outputs, a downmix of the surround buses, or the output of a Dolby Surround Matrix encoder allowing the creation of simultaneous Surround/Stereo or Surround /LtRt recordings and outputs -- great for creating a quick client stereo copy.

    Guide track and Dolby Encoding Insert
    For production purposes, such as Insertion of a Guide or Production source into the monitoring without it feeding any of the mixes. This feature is invaluable when mixing music and dialogue. The ASP510 Surround Controller also allows isertion of a Dolby Surround encoder and decoder into the monitor path to allow proper preparation of encoded material.

    Cleanest Signal Path
    And of course the ASP510 does all of the above while still maintaining the cleanest possible signal path. All switching is via sealed bifurcated contact relays and gain control is implemented using Digitally Controlled Attenuators -- just what you would expect from Audient Analog Signal

    Audient Company History
    While British-based Audient is fairly new on the scene (1998), the company's founders have quite a respectable pedigree. Co-founder David Dearden has worked with David Manley (original owner of Manley Laboratories), Eddie Offord (Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes), and was involved in building a custom console and private studio for John Lennon for his Imagine sessions, followed by studios for George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Gus Dudgeon (producer, Elton John, David Bowie), and Chris Squire of Yes. After three years with MCI and two years with Soundcraft, David Dearden and Gareth Davies (also from Soundcraft) formed DDA (Dearden Davies Associates), a maker of high-quality analog consoles. When DDA became part of the Klark Teknik Group, he also designed the Midas XL200 live sound console and did the initial concept and design of the Midas H1000 console. In 1997 he rejoined with Gareth Davies to form Audient, whose products are typified by high performance, intelligent ergonomics, and transparent sound quality. Notable users of Audient gear include Abbey Road Studios, Pete Townshend's Eel Pie Studio, and England's Royal Academy of Music.

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  • MPN: ASP510
    UPC: 5060374260016

    • Comprehensive monitoring and record for multiple surround sound formats
    • Integrates with your mixing console, easy calibration and LFE filter
    • Selection of up to six monitor sources and three record sources
    • Guide track and Dolby encoding inserts
    • Cleanest possible signal path

    • 6 preset monitor formats
    • Supports three 5.1 surround and three stereo sources
    • 8 inputs from console (5.1 surround plus stereo)
    • 8 outputs to recorders (5.1 surround plus stereo)
    • Switchable encoder/decoder insertion
    • 6 speaker outputs, each with level trim
    • Individual speaker cut/isolate functions
    • Universal console solo and monitor system interface
    • User definable monitor reference and dim levels
    • Internal pink noise generator
    • Guide track input
    • Ergonomic control surface with clear status indication

    • Nominal levels: +4dBu
    • Maximum input: >+20dBu
    • Maximum output: >+20dBu
    • Frequency response: ?0.25dB 22Hz -22kHz
    • THD and noise @+4dBu, 1kHz: <0.003%
    • Noise 22Hz - 22kHz: -92dB
    • Crosstalk (source/source) 1kHz: >80dB
    • Channel tracking 0 to -24dB: +/-0.25dB
    • 25pin D-type females for: 5.1 Surround play A and B, 5.1
    • Surround bus inputs, Stereo record/transmission & play
    • Console interface Decoder.
    • 25pin D-type males for: 5.1 Surround record A and B, Speaker outputs, Encoder
    • RJ45 for remote/rack link
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.73" x 19" x 11.02" (43.9 mm x 483 mm x 280mm
    • Remote Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.57" x 9.05" x 4.72" (40mm x W 230mm x D 120mm)
    • Power requirements: 115/230v @ 50-60Hz (50VA)

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