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Hafler HA15

Professional Solid State Headphone Amplifier

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The Hafler HA15 is a high performance analog headphone amplifier that has been meticulously designed to provide an accurate picture of the source material no matter the impedance of the headphone in use.

The design begins with a 100% discrete circuit that is completely void of IC's. Although IC's certainly have their place in cell phones and other devices where size is of importance, they invariably employ hundreds or even thousands of transistors to boost the signal then use excessive negative feedback to keep things under control. As the HA15 employs single transistors, negative feedback can be scrupulously added so that the phase cancelling effects are minimized. This results in a much more open and natural sound with virtually zero artefact.

Connecting to the HA15 is done using gold-plated RCA connectors that will not tarnish, thus ensuring a positive connection is maintained. This is supplemented with a pair of THRU connectors to allow greater connectivity options when setting up the system. An abundance of power for the headphones assures the HA15 will gracefully handle any impedance from 8 Ohms to 400 without choking.

To bring greater excitement to the listening experience, a unique Focus control allows the user to activate a matrix that simulates listening to speakers in the open air. In other words, where headphones typically isolate the left and right signals from each other, loudspeakers in a typical acoustic space are heard in both ears. The Focus control lets you dial in as much of the cross-talk to suit while retaining a distinctive left-right mix.

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UPC: 676101043842

  • 100% discrete electronics for optimal sound quality
  • Focus™ control simulates listening to speakers in open air
  • Thru outputs enables greater connectivity options
  • High output to handle virtually any type of headphone
  • Power: Turns on the HA15
  • Phones: ¼" TRS output for headphones. Works with headphones ranging from 8 Ohms to 400 Ω
  • Level: Used to set the headphone output level
  • Focus On: Activates the Focus matrix and brings it into the headphone audio circuit
  • Focus Control: Brings the left and right channels to the center to simulate listening to music with speakers in an open room
  • Balanced Inputs: Connect using balanced XLR cables to your hifi system
  • RCA Inputs: Connections from the source to the HA15
    Balanced Selector
  • 'Set and forget' recessed switch to select RCA or XLR
  • RCA Outputs: Used to pass through the input source to another device
  • Circuit: Solid state with quasi class-A output
  • Inputs: RCA and XLR (left/right)
  • Thru-puts: RCA (left/right)
  • Output: 1/4" TRS Headphone
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm ~ 400 Ohm
  • Gain: 20 dB
  • Max Output: 3 V RMS

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