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Crown PCC170 w/ XLR Male Connector

Surface Mount Supercardioid Boundary Mic

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The Crown PCC-170 is a surface-mounted supercardioid microphone of professional quality. This handsomely styled unit is ap-propriate for use on the most elegant boardroom table or lectern. Other applications include churches, courtrooms and council chambers. Because of its highly directional pickup pattern, the PCC-170 minimizes background noise and feedback. The microphone reproduces the voice with a clean, clear and natural sound. Since the microphone capsule is placed on a boundary or surface, direct and reflected sounds arrive at the diaphragm in-phase. This coherent addition of direct and reflected waves increases sensitivity 6 dB and prevents phase cancella-tions. The mic capsule is small enough to ensure phase coherency up to the highest frequencies in the audible spectrum, resulting in a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference. Clarity and reach are also enhanced. Self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an in-line preamp. Powered by 12-48V phantom power, the PCC-170 has a low-impedance mic-level balanced output which permits long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss. Although the standard connector option is a Switchcraft TB3M, the microphone can be special-ordered with a 0.25-in. (0.635-cm) stereo phone plug on the bottom of the base plate as the PCC-170SPP. The PCC-170W is finished in off-white to blend with church altars and other surroundings where the lighter color is appropriate. RFI suppression is included. Self-noise is low and sensitivity is very high. A bass-tilt switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications.

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UPC: 885038024880

Type: Phase Coherent Cardioid ® . Element: Electret condenser. Frequency response (typical): 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz at 30 degrees incidence to surface. Polar pattern: Half-supercardioid (supercardioid in the hemisphere above the primary boundary). See Figs. 2 and 3. Impedance: 150 ohms, balanced (recommended load impedance 1000 ohms or greater). Open circuit sensitivity (typical): 22 mV/Pa* (–33 dB re 1 volt/Pa). Power sensitivity: –30.5 dB re 1 mW/Pa*. EIA rating –125 dBm. Equivalent noise level (self-noise): 22 dB SPL typical (0 dB = .0002 dyne/cm 2 ), A-weighted. S/N ratio: 72 dB at 94 dB SPL. Maximum SPL: 120 dB SPL produces 3% THD. Polarity: Positive pressure on the diaphragm pro-duces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3. Operating voltage: Phantom power, 12 to 48 volts DC on pins 2 and 3 with respect to pin 1. Current drain: 4 mA nominal. Connector: Switchcraft TB3M in model PCC-170. Bottom-mounted 0.25-in. (0.635-cm) stereo phone plug in model PCC-170/SPP. See Fig. 7. Cable: 15-foot, black, two-conductor shielded cable with Switchcraft A3M connec-tors. Materials: High-impact molded plastic and steel mesh grille.

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