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Sabine FBX 1020 Plus

Guitar Noise Reduction

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The FBX targets feedback without taking a big chunk out of your sound. Tests prove that a single 1/3-octave EQ slider pulled down 12 dB removes almost half the power going to the speakers over a two-octave range. And, as this illustration shows, you can't place a graphic EQ filter precisely on the ringing frequency. When you pull down multiple sliders in a normal setup (below), you end up with giant holes in your music. On the other hand, FBX micro-filters are 10 times narrower - you get back up to 90% of the power you lose with a graphic EQ! That means more gain before feedback and no loss in sound quality.

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MPN: Sabine FBX-1020

  • 20-bit digital resolution
  • 12 FBX filters
  • ClipGuard Adaptive Clip Level Control maintains optimum clip level, increases dynamic range to 105 dB, and prevents digital clipping
  • Turbo Setup Mode — grabs feedback faster and at lower volume during setup
  • More gain before feedback (6 to 9 dB typical)

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