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Make Music

Finale Allegro is perfect for educators, performing musicians, composers, arrangers, worship directors and students.

Finale Allegro is a revolutionary music score software program with a variety of features that make it easy, fast, and powerful. No other score writer and editor makes it so simple to create music on your computer. Whether you're an experienced composer, just beginning, or teaching music, the multitude of features allow the software to adapt to your specific needs. Compatible with most machines, Allegro score writer and editor also comes with MicNotator and additional features to add to the ease of use and range of capabilities of the software.

Read more about Finale Allegro's features and see how this score writer and editor can make composing music simple, quick, and capable. From the beginning stages of writing to playback, editing, and printing or saving your score, Allegro is the software that works with your abilities and lets you focus solely on the music you create.

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MPN: 631379

Getting Started
- Launch Window puts the power of Allegro within a single mouse-click
- Setup Wizard and pre-designed templates help quickly create new music
- QuickStart Videos show you how—on your computer screen

Entering notes
- Enter notes with your mouse, computer keyboard, and/or MIDI keyboard (including sustain pedal), in step- or real-time
- Add articulations, expressions, clefs, key and time signatures all without changing tools
- Capture a single-line melody using Allegro's exclusive MicNotator®
- Scan sheet music with SmartScore® Lite (included) and import (or export) MIDI files

State of the Art
- Universal – Allegro runs natively (and quickly) on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs as well as Windows computers
-Composing and Arranging
- Automatically add two- and three-voice auto-harmonization from Band-in-a-Box
- Automatically add Drum Grooves (and easily expand your choices of styles)

Teaching Music
- Exercise Wizard instantly creates warm-ups for the whole band, orchestra or choir
- Create SmartMusic accompaniments for use with the award-winning SmartMusic® practice system (SmartMusic Subscription Required)

Playing Your Music
- Play back with SmartMusic sounds (included, complete with Row-Loff™ marching percussion sounds) or via external MIDI devices
- Human Playback™ adds expression, phrasing, swing and dynamics—automatically
- Powerful mixer offers control of volume, panning, patch, and reverb as well as the choice of mute, solo, or record

Editing Your Music
- MIDI tool allows you to edit your MIDI data
- Transpose, edit page layout, add chord symbols, guitar fretboards, guitar tablature, lyrics, slash or rhythmic notation

Sharing Your Music
- Print your score or parts: Finale® technology ensures world-class output
- Collaborate – Allegro files can be opened, edited, printed, and played by others using Finale NotePad (a free download), Finale SongWriter™, Finale PrintMusic®, and Finale
- Save as audio file (including MP3) to create CDs
- Export TIF graphics files to add music to word processing documents
- Allegro 2007 requires that you authorize the software within 30 days after installation. You are allowed to install Allegro 2007 on two operating systems (Mac OS X and/or Windows)

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