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In-Line XLR Mic Control Button for TC HELICON Vocal Effects Processors

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TC Helicon

Using vocal effects is a sure fire way to create an engaging performance for your audience, but sometimes you can feel chained to the location of your processor. TC HELICON Mic Control technology allows you to move around the stage while still controlling your effects.

Until now, Mic Control has only been available with the TC HELICON MP-75 and MP-76 microphones. With MCA100, you can add Mic Control to your favorite dynamic mic!

Get Moving!
Walk, run, prancercise or however you get around the stage, Mic Control lets you keep in touch with the crowd while firing off compelling vocal effects from wherever you are. Whether it's a great harmony or epic delay, it can be way cooler from up on top of the speaker tower you climbed.

Get Your Own!
You probably have a favorite dynamic mic that you love singing with. Instead of giving up that mic to gain Mic Control, you can have the best of both worlds. MCA100 connects to your existing mic and doesn't affect its sound in any way.

Get Bent!
Made from road-ready materials, MCA100 can survive the trials and tribulations of gig, after gig, after gig....

Get Lit!
Finding the magic button in the dark can be a challenge. With a sweet blue LED under the button, you can always locate the Mic Control switch in lots of different lighting situations.

MCA100 works with any dynamic mic and TC HELICON device that supports Mic Control. Please see your device's manual to check whether Mic Control is available on your product.

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MPN: MCA 100

  • XLR Mic Control button compatible with all current TC HELICON vocal effects processors
  • Use with your favorite dynamic microphone
  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • LED-lit Mic Control button for visibility in low-light conditions

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