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Kurzweil RM1-26 (K2600 Series)

RM1-26 (K2600 Series)

RM1-26 Orchestral Board for K-series synths

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To expand your sound palette, you can add additional ROM Soundblocks to your V.A.S.T. series instrument. These ROM blocks add a large, unique collection of instantly-available sounds to the permanent internal sound memory.

The Orchestral ROM Soundblock contains superb orchestral samples plus layers/splits/combinations and synth programs based on orchestral samples. The Orchestral soundblock provides 8 MB of sounds, including 100 new programs and 50 new setups.

Sounds in the Orchestral ROM Soundblock include Ensemble Strings; Solo Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass; Woodwinds; Brass; Percussion; and Plucked Strings. Orchestral sounds are available as realistic instrumental samples, layers, splits, combinations, sections or synth programs.

The ROM block also comes with a Program Farm, a disk with hundreds of extra programs that utilize the new samples added with the soundblock.

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8 Mbytes of orchestral sounds added to the permanent memory of the Kurzweil in the 900s bank
Includes both programs and setups.
Sounds are categorized in four groups:
Realistic samples of orchestral instruments;
Orchestral sections;
Synth programs based on orchestral samples.
Soundset includes:
STRINGS (Ensemble Pizzicato Strings, Solo Violin (Arco), Solo Viola (Arco), Solo Cello (Arco), Solo Double Bass (Arco);
WOODWINDS (Solo Oboe, Solo English Horn, Solo Clarinet, Solo Bassoon), Brass (Soft Trumpet, Solo Tuba, Solo French Horn, French Horn Section);
PERCUSSION (Timpani, Snare Roll, Orchestral Cymbals, Tambourine Roll, Tam Tam, Woodblock, Gran Casa [bass drum], Clave, Celesta, Snare Hit, Triangle, Xylophone, Sleighbells, Tambourine Hit, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Castanets); and
PLUCKED Strings (Plucked Harp, Nylon String Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass).
Orchestral ROM Programs

900 TotalCntrl Orch1
901 TotalCntrl Orch2
902 BaroqueOrchestra
903 Oboe&Flute w/Str
904 Horn&Flute w/Str
905 Trp&Horns w/Str
906 Piccolo
907 Orchestral Flute
908 Solo Flute
909 Orchestral Oboe
910 Solo Oboe
911 2nd Oboe
912 Orch EnglishHorn
913 Solo EnglishHorn
914 Orch Clarinet
915 Solo Clarinet
916 Orch Bassoon
917 Solo Bassoon
918 Woodwinds 1
919 Woodwinds 2
920 Dynamic Trumpet
921 Copland Sft Trp
922 Orch Trumpet
923 Soft Trumpet
924 Strght Mute Trp
925 French Horn MW
926 Slow Horn
927 F Horn Con Sord
928 F Horn a2 MW
929 French Horn Sec1
930 French Horn Sec2
931 Solo Trombone
932 Tuba
933 Dyn Hi Brass
934 Dyn Lo Brass
935 Dyn Brass & Horn
936 Soaring Brass
937 MarcatoViolin MW
938 Solo Violin
939 2nd Violin
940 Orch Viola
941 Solo Viola
942 Slow Viola
943 MarcatoCello MW
944 Solo Cello
945 Slow Cello
946 Arco Dbl Bass
947 Slow Arco Bass
948 Brt Dbl Bass
949 Touch Strings

950 Fast Strings MW
951 Chamber Section
952 Sfz Strings MW
953 Sweet Strings
954 Baroque Strg Ens
955 Big String Ens
956 Bass String Sec
957 Pizzicato String
958 Wet Pizz
959 Arco & Pizz
960 Classical Guitar
961 Virtuoso Guitar
962 Acoustic Bass
963 Snappy Jazz Bass
964 Dynamic Harp
965 Harp w/8ve CTL
966 Harp Arps
967 Celesta
968 Pipes
969 Pedal Pipes
970 Church Bells
971 Glockenspiel
972 Xylophone
973 Chimes
974 Timpani/Chimes
975 Timpani
976 Timpani & Perc
977 Big Drum Corp
978 Orch Percussion1
979 Orch Percussion2
980 Jam Corp
981 Conga & Perc
982 Woody Jam Rack
983 Metal Garden
984 Hot Tamali Kit
985 Funk Kit
986 Magic Guitar
987 Glass Bow
988 Synth Orch
989 Nooage InstaHarp
990 AC Dream
991 Synth Dulcimer
992 Glistener
993 Afro Multi CTL
994 Tranquil Sleigh
995 Batman Strings
996 Ethnoo Lead
997 Orch Pad CTL
998 Choral Sleigh
999 Pad Nine

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