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Kurzweil RM2-26 (K2600 Series) Contemporary ROM Soundblock

RM2-26 (K2600 Series)  Contemporary ROM Soundblock

RM2-26 Contemporary ROM Soundblock

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To expand your sound palette, you can add additional ROM Soundblocks to your V.A.S.T. series instrument. These ROM blocks add a large, unique collection of instantly-available sounds to the permanent internal sound memory.

The Contemporary ROM Soundblock is a collection of Kurzweil's hottest sounds, designed for use in a full range of contemporary music styles.

The ROM blocks are instantly available with no disks to load and no delays in accessing sounds. The Contemporary soundblock provides 8 MB of sounds, including 100 new programs and 50 new setups.

The Contemporary ROM sounds cover Industrial, New Age, Analog, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and Other Contemporary Music styles. Featured sounds include a variety of Electric Guitars, Ethnic Percussion, New Drum Sounds, a large collection of Classic Synth sounds, Hammond Organ, Muted Trumpet, Alto Sax - and much, much more!

The ROM block also comes with a Program Farm, a disk with hundreds of extra programs that utilize the new samples added with the soundblock.

If you plan on adding this ROM block to a K2000VP, please read this page.


8 MB of contemporary sounds added to permanent memory of the Kurzweil in the 800's bank
Includes both programs and setups.
Soundset includes:
Ethnic Percussion - Djembe, Dumbek, Tablas, Udu, Talking Drum, Tamborim, Muzhar, Shekere, Venezuelan Maraca, Gankogui Bells, Indo China Bowl Gong, Indo China Bell, Tibet Cymbal, Log Drum
Ethnic Instruments - Mbira, Koto
New Drums - 12 Kicks (processed), 8 Snares (processed), 4 Toms (processed), 1 Simmons Tom, TR808 (full kit with aux percussion), TR909 (kick and snares, hats, some aux percussion)
Rock Instruments - Bass - Pedula 5 String w/ Trace head (Open Tones and Slap, Pull), Hammond B-3 (Full Drawbar setting), Rock Lead Guitar - Charvel Jackson (Open Tones and Harmonics), Clean Electric Guitar, Clavinet
Jazz Instruments - Muted Trumpet, Soft Alto Sax
Many new waveforms and samples from classic synths

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Contemporary ROM Programs

800 Jungle Jam
801 Mbira Stack
802 Ritual Metals
803 Prepared Mbira
804 Balinesque
805 Ambient Bells
806 World Jam 1
807 World Jam 2
808 India Jam
809 Slo Wood Flute
810 Hybrid Pan Flute
811 Chiff Brass Lead
812 Bell Players
813 Prs Koto
814 Medicine Man
815 Mbira
816 Kotobira
817 Cartoon Perc
818 CowGogiBell
819 Perc Pan Lead
820 Trippy Organ
821 Koto Followers
822 Hybrid Horn
823 Dyno EP Lead
824 ParaKoto
825 Super Clav
826 StrataClav
827 Touch Clav
828 Bad Klav
829 Rad Rotor
830 B-2001
831 Perc Organ
832 Drawbar Organ CS
833 Bebop Alto Sax
834 Soft Alto Sax
835 Soprano Sax
836 Low Soft Sax
837 Air Reeds CS
838 Jazz Muted Trp
839 Jazz Lab Band
840 Harmon Section
841 Sfz Cres Brass
842 Neo Stabs
843 Gtr Jazz Band
844 Full Rock Band
845 World Rave Kit
846 Punch Gate Kit
847 Shadow Kit
848 Fat Traps
849 Generator Kit

850 Shudder Kit
851 Crowd Stomper
852 Econo Kit
853 EDrum Kit 1
854 EDrum Kit 2
855 Dog Chases Tail
856 Saw Loop Factory
857 Two Live Bass
858 Dual/Tri Bass
859 Clav-o-Bass
860 ChirpBass
861 DigiBass
862 Mono Synth Bass
863 Touch MiniBass
864 Ostinato Bass
865 House Bass
866 Dubb Bass
867 Straight Strat
868 Chorus Gtr
869 Strataguitar
870 Elect 12 String
871 Dyn Jazz Guitar
872 Pedal Steel
873 Strummer DistGtr
874 Rock Axe
875 Hammeron
876 Rock Axe Mono
877 Attack Stack
878 SkinnyLead
879 Q Sweep SynClav
880 Anna Mini
881 Ballad Stack
882 Big Stack
883 BrazKnuckles
884 Hybrid Breath
885 Hybrid Stack
886 Eye Saw
887 Mello Hyb Brass
888 Sizzl E Pno
889 My JayDee
890 Slo SynthOrch
891 SpaceStation
892 Glass Web
893 Circus Music
894 Mandala
895 Slow Strat
896 Fluid Koto
897 Koreana Pad
899 Planet 9

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