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EMG EMG-J Set - Black

Low Noise Acrtive J Bass Pickup Set

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Sweeping harmonic overtones and clarity, the EMG-J has a full bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Whether you play fretted or fretless bass, you'll get incredible sound yet retain that traditional tone.

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables (2), prewired control set including 2 volume controls, master tone control, output jack, battery clip, and adjustment screws.

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UPC: 654330400520

The original Fender® Jazz Bass* pickup is a long, tall, thin pickup. That's why it has such a distinctive tone. The winding length of the coil is about 6 inches per turn resulting in a pickup that has a high DC resistance compared to its inductance. Its aperture is small for long wavelengths so there's less low frequency punch and an accentuated mid-range howl. The EMG-J Pickups on the other hand, have a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that
increases the low frequency response yet the EMG-J still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical Jazz Bass® tone. Instead of the side by side Pole pieces the EMG-J uses a single-pole crescent shaped magnetic field to complement the radiused fingerboard. The result is a balanced output across the strings, and a linear attack from note to note. In addition to its standard four string capability The EMG-J can also be used with five string Bass's.

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