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Apex APEX410 w/ Shock, Pop & Case

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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The Apex410 is a professional large-diaphragm cardioid pattern pressure gradient condenser microphone designed to offer unmatched performance at a price that any project or home studio can afford.

The 410 features a switchable -6dB 100Hz low frequency cutoff and a 1-inch diameter capsule. Frequency response is 40Hz to 19kHz with a maximum SPL of 135dB (1kHz @0.5% THD). Input sensitivity is -37dB @1kHz and signal to noise is better than 73dB. Impedance is 200 ohms and the operating voltage is 48V DC. A -10dB pad output pad switch is included.

Recommended Applications:

Improved quality in ever more affordable recording equipment has brought serious power to the home studio enthusiast or small project studio. The microphone is the first and often most important link in the signal chain. The Apex410 is a truly affordable large diaphragm condenser microphone, and one of the best choices as a main microphone for small project studios, home studios, or any of the computer based direct to hard drive recording systems now available.

Due to its rugged construction, high SPL handling and affordable price the Apex410 is an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording. The Apex 400 series microphones have proven themselves an excellent choice for use as an overhead mic for drum kits and for guitar or bass cabinets. - Any application where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required. They are an excellent choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount.

A cardioid polar pattern is the standard setting for almost all applications. It will give you the best results on most vocal recordings and on a wide range of instruments. It offers full frequency response on the front of the microphone and the advantage of proximity effect (increased low frequency response when microphone is placed close to sound source*) and excellent noise rejection from the sides and back, or 180 degree position of the microphone.

*Vocalists can use the proximity effect to their advantage, adding fullness and more 'bottom end' to the voice. Experienced vocalists can easily incorporate it as part of their overall microphone technique. Again, experimentation with mic placement during the recording process is the key.

In all recording applications, it is advised to always use a windsock over the microphone, and a pop filter (available from any music store) while recording vocals for best results. The windsock and any quality pop filter will improve the overall performance of the microphone without a negative impact on the overall frequency response and tone of the microphone.

You may find better results if you don't sing directly into the microphone, but change your 'angle of incidence' so you are singing slightly off axis or over the top of the capsule. This will lessen the excessive breath noise and sibilance, and give you a more balanced and natural recorded sound.

Always use the supplied shock mount with the Apex410 for best results. Although the microphone is not exceptionally fragile, it is very sensitive and can pick up even minute vibrations through the microphone stand and floor.

The Low frequency roll off selector should be used in virtually all recording and live sound applications to minimize low end distortion due to uncontrollable rumble or wind noise. A careful listening test should be employed to determine proper setting for each individual recording application. You may find that in almost all applications the low frequency roll off should be employed.*

*It may seem at first that the roll off should negatively impact the overall tone, but most recording engineers will agree that the frequencies being affected are at the very low end of the audible frequency range. You may notice increased intelligibility when the low frequency roll-off is employed, and this will allow the track to 'sit' better in the overall final mix.

The Apex 410 microphone is made with a heavy-duty zinc diecast body with a durable, scratch resistant finish. It is sold with a "cat's cradle" style shock mount and also includes a windsock and a durable flight case.

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Specifications APEX410

Type Condenser Pressure Gradient Microphone
Electronics Low Noise Discrete FET
Output Type Transformer Coupled, Balanced XLR, Pin 2 Hot
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 40Hz - 19000 Hz
Sensitivity -37dB (+/- 2dB) 0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1kHz
Impedance <200 Ohms
Equivalent Noise Level <17dB
(a-weighted in accordance
with iec 286-4)
Operating Voltage 48VDC
Max Input SPL (1000Hz) 135dB
(for THD <0.5%)
S/N Ratio >73dB
Switchable Low Freq
Cutoff Point -6db@100Hz
Construction Zinc Diecast

Cable Not Included
Connector Integrated 3 pin XLR-M
Included Accessories Durable Travel Case
Foam Windsock
Cats Cradle Shock mount

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