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Guitto GHD-01 Guitar Humidifier

Guitar Humidifier System

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This is a low-key luxury humidifier with connotation which consists of a golden detection humidity meter head and a black ABS plastic humidifier. Easy to carry, as long as it is in your pocket, you can detect the humidity of the guitar anywhere. When the ambient humidity is below 40%, we can fill guitar humidifier’s 2 inlets with 5ml water respectively with a refillable bottle then clamp the guitar humidifier on the edge of the sound hole. When the ambient humidity is above 60%, please don’t use the guitar humidifier.

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UPC: 6972716327150

  • Patent Design, Innovative 2-in-1 design with a precise indicating needle humidiometer, environmental protection, no battery
  • Real-time, Humidification and testing are performed simultaneously, Tips: The humidity of the guitar cavity is recommended to be kept below 70% - It usually take a few seconds till it find the right percentage of humidity
  • Safety, The Humidifier eliminate potential problems such as warping, shrinking, worse yet, cracking, silicone connection prevents guitar damage
  • Portability, 40g Easy to install and carry, no need to move strings and it can be taken away in the pocket
  • What You Get: A luxury humidifier with connotation and limitless customer support

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