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Zoom H6 essential

6-Track 32-Bit Float Portable Audio Recorder

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Six-track recorder with 32-bit floating audio - never miss a take again
Next-gen 3.0 capsule system with huge dynamic range (135dB SPL)
Built-in mixer and crisp screen with waveform display for instant visual feedback
Ideal for musicians, filmmakers, podcasters and content creators
Built-in speaker with quiet controls and full-colour LCD screen

With four XLR/TRS combo inputs and ultra-clean Zoom preamps, the H6essential offers uncompromised audio quality. Additionally, it comes with X/Y microphones that can capture sound up to an impressive 135 dB SPL, equivalent to the sound of a jet taking off. Whether you're recording a solo performance or a full band, the H6essential ensures that every track is pristine and powerful.

The H6essential features an upgraded 3.0 capsule system, which supports 32-bit float recording. This allows creators to choose the perfect microphone for their specific recording needs. With its versatility and flexibility, the H6essential empowers creators to capture professional-quality audio in any situation.
32-bit float recording - never have to set your levels again!

Say goodbye to adjusting levels and worrying about clipping. With 32-bit float recording, the H6essential captures an incredible range of dynamics in your sound. This means you can record everything from the softest whispers to the loudest rock concert without losing any nuance. Enjoy high-quality, clip-free audio in every take.
Record and stream with built-in interface

Record and stream your audio at the same time. The H6essential allows you to stream in 32-bit float while simultaneously recording to an SD card. And when connected to a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device using the USB-C Port, it can also be used as a 4-in/2-out audio interface. This versatility makes it a great tool for both live streaming and studio recording.
Onboard mixer with Bluetooth timecode sync

The built-in mixer on the H6essential allows you to easily adjust each track's audio level, ensuring a well-balanced mix. Additionally, the waveform display gives you a visual representation of your audio as it records, letting you monitor and fine-tune your recordings with precision.

When paired with the BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter, the H6essential can also sync with Bluetooth timecode devices for seamless audio and video synchronization. This ensures that your audio matches up perfectly with your visuals, saving you time and effort in post-production.
Integrated speaker with soft-touch controls

Quick reference playback is made easy with the built-in speaker on the H6essential. Simply listen back to your recordings on the spot, without the need for additional equipment. The speaker delivers clear and accurate sound, giving you confidence in your recordings.

The H6essential features soft-touch controls that have been carefully designed for quiet operation. Whether you're recording in a quiet studio or a live event, these controls won't distract or interfere with your recording.

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UPC: 4515260029204

  • Inputs Channels: 2(MIC Capsule) + 4(XLR/TRS INPUTS)
    Mic Input
    Mic Type: Unidirectional
    Sensitivity: -42 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
    Input Gain: Adjustment unnecessary (dual AD converter circuits used)
    Max Sound Pressure Input: 135 dB SPL
    XLR/TRS Inputs
    Connectors: XLR/TRS combo jacks (XLR?2 HOT / TRS?TIP HOT)
    Input Gain: Adjustment unnecessary (dual AD converter circuits used)
    Input Impedance: MIC: 3 kΩ or more, LINE: 3 kΩ or more
    Maximum Input Level: XLR: +4 dBu, TRS: +24 dBu
    Phantom Power: +48V
    Equivalent Input Noise: −120 dBu or less
  • Outputs: Line Out
    Connector: 1/8" stereo mini jack
    Maximum Output Level: +2 dBu
    Connector: 1/8" stereo mini jack
    Maximum Output Level: 20 mW +20 mW (32 Ω load)
    Built-in Speaker: 500mW/8Ω mono speaker
  • Recording: Recording Media: 4GB–32GB microSDHC cards, 64GB–1TB microSDXC cards
    WAV Supported Formats: 44.1/48/96kHz, 32-bit float, BWF and iXML
    Maximum Simultaneous Recording Tracks: 44.1/48kHz: 8 (2 MIC Capsule + 4 XLR/TRS INPUTS + 2 LR), 96kHz: 6 (2 MIC Capsule + 4 XLR/TRS INPUTS)
  • Display LCD: 2.00" full color (320 × 240)
    Power Supplies: Batteries: 4 AA
    AC Adapter: ZOOM AD-17 (DC 5 V/1 A), USB bus power is supported
  • USB Connector: USB Type-C
    Mass Storage Class: USB 2.0 High Speed
    Audio Interface Class: USB 2.0 High Speed
    Sampling Rate: Multi Track mode:44.1/48/96kHz, Stereo Mix mode:44.1/48/96kHz
    Bit Rate: 24-bit/32-bit float
    Channels: Multi Track mode:6 in/2 out, Stereo Mix mode:2 in/2 out
    BTA-1: Support (iOS App)
  • Estimated Continuous Operation Time Using Batteries
  • Alkaline batteries: about 18 hours, 48 kHz/32-bit float, Mic Capsule 2ch recording

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