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Digitech GNX-1

Guitar multi-effect processor

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DigiTech proudly defines cutting edge guitar processing by introducing GENETX™ technology in the new GNX1. The GNX1 is much more advanced than the conventional amp modeling processors to date. Thanks to DigiTech’s AudioDNA™ DSP Engine and the software power provided by GeNetX™, the GNX1 allows the musician to literally create their own amp model, their own speaker cabinet, their own signature sound. The GNX1 provides several of the most popular amp models and speaker cabinets to choose from and GeNetX™ provides the tools and technology to “warp” the characteristics of these components together into your own “Hypermodel”. Imagine having the ability to create a completely unique amp/cabinet combination that only your imagination could envision, until now.

The GNX1’s awesome amp creating ability is only enhanced with a complete library of studio quality guitar effects that made DigiTech famous. These effects include Wah, Pickup Simulation, Compression, Whammy™, Intelligent Pitch Shifting, 3-band EQ with selectable mid and high frequencies, Noise Gate, Chorus, Flanger, Triggered Flanger, Phaser, Triggered Phaser, Tremolo, Panner, Rotary Speaker, Vibrato, YaYa™, AutoYa™, SynthTalk™, Envelope Filter, Detuner, Pitch Shifter, Mono Delay, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Analog Pong Delay, and several different types of Reverb.

The GNX1 also includes DigiTech’s Learn-A-Lick™ feature, which samples those “speed demon solos” and then slows them down to one-quarter speed while retaining the original pitch. The GNX1’s Rhythm Trainer provides 30 different drum patterns to practice against, a perfect tool for improving your timing.

When you put all of this power and technology together in a rugged steel chassis, complete with built-in Expression Pedal, assignable LFO Filters, full MIDI implementation, and a user-friendly interface, and you have the most complete and comprehensive guitar system to date.

Includes AC power supply.

MPN GNX1 0 1

Item Number

Amp Warping
Speaker Cabinet Warping
Custom Cabinet Tuning
Dual Amp Channel Switching
Up to 12 Effects at Once
Simple Knob-Matrix Based Editing
Rhythm Trainer
Full MIDI Implementation
Built-In Expression Pedal
Assignable LFO Filters
On-the-Fly Effects Switching
48 User/48 Factory Presets
Steel Chassis
Editor/Librarian Software for PC and Mac

Pickup Simulation
Intelligent Pitch Shifting
Amp Modeling
Cabinet Modeling
3 Band Semi-Parametric EQ
Noise Gate
Auto Swell
Pluck Gate
Triggered Flanger
Triggered Phaser
Rotary Speaker
Envelope Filter
Multiple Reverbs
Pitch Shifter
Mono Delay
Analog Delay
Ping Pong Delay
Analog Pong Delay

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