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Electro Voice EV767 Pro Mic Pack

Dynamic Handheld Microphone, Tripod Base Mic Stand & 20 Ft. XLR Cable

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Electro Voice

The N/D767a presents optimal performance in a live sound environment. The 767a vocal microphone utilizes EV's new VOB™(vocally optimized bass) technology to provide the performer with reduced low-end distortion and eliminates the muddiness found in other microphones. Combined with EV's industry first neodymium based magnet structure, the new N/D767a offers the power and clarity to 'cut through the mix.'
The low frequency response of the N/D767a microphone varies with the distance from the sound source. Known as "proximity effect," maximum bass response is produced in "close-up" use with the microphone 1/4 inch from the sound source. Normal bass response is experienced with working distances greater than 24 inches.Working close to the microphone will produce a more robust sound. Close up positioning of the microphone will also reduce the potential for feedback from the sound reinforcement system. When close-talked, the bass-boost provides an increase in overall microphone output level. The mixer gain may be proportionately reduced, resulting in a reduction of the system's sensitivity to feedback caused by sound entering the microphone from the loudspeakers.

Ultimate Support JamStand JS-MCTB200
JamStands By Ultimate Support offers great bang for your buck! JamStands is the newest line of dependable stands offered at a value price from the world's leading innovator of music accessories. From a wide range of mic stands of varying configurations, to guitar stools, benches and stands for keyboards, guitar and bass, to basic music stands and rolling racks, JamStands offers a wide range from which to choose—all from the brand you've known and trusted over the past 30 years!

Whirlwind EMC20 - 20ft XLR Cable
20ft mic cable from Whirlwind's import line of quality cables, designed to deliver Whirlwind quality in an economical package.

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UPC: 008474923443

  • VOB™ technology provides tailored bass response for controlled "proximity effect" and exceptional vocal clarity
  • Supercardioid pattern for superior feedback rejection and acoustic isolation.
  • Multistage shock mount for unmatched
    low-handling noise.
  • Neodymium based magnet structure provides greater sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Warm Grip™ handle for more comfortable feel.
    Accessories included
  • Stand adapter (black)
  • Soft zippered 'gig' bag

    Ultimate Support JamStand JS-MCTB200
  • Tripod Base Microphone Stand with Telescoping Boom (Black)

    Whirlwind EMC20 - 20ft XLR Cable
  • Imported microphone cable built to Whirlwind's own specifications.

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