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Suzuki Q-Chord with AC Adapter

Synthesized Autoharp / Guitar with AC Adapter

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If you love music, now you can become a member of the band quickly and easily with the new QChord, an exciting digital instrument that strums like a guitar, plays melody like a keyboard, plays chords like a piano and has over 100 MIDI voices and rhythms on board to customize your music. Anyone, musician or not, can instantly sound like a pro at the touch of a button. You can't make a mistake! And like a video game, QChord has multiple skill levels. Learn to play in seconds, then add features as you improve. QChord is the new Digital SongCard Guitar.

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UPC: 008474930717

  • Strumplate Range: 4 Octave Range
  • Strumplate Voices: General MIDI Voices (100)
  • Chord Buttons: 36 Soft Touch Buttons, 84 Chord Combinations: Major, Minor, 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Augmented & Diminished
  • Rhythm Styles: Rock, Country, Dance, Lounge, New Age, Waltz, Ballad, March, Bossanova, Blues Shuffle. Also additional rhythm styles available on the optional rhythm style cartridges.
  • Accompaniment: 4 Channel: Drums, Bass, Chord & Chord Plus, all with Individual Adjustable Controls
  • Effects: Reverb, Chorus and Vibrato (all with Adjustable Depth Control), and Pitch Bend Wheel
  • QCard Port: Facility for optional song or rhythm style cartridges (see accessories)
  • Variable Controls: Master Volume, Strumplate Volume, Strumplate Sustain, Rhythm Volume, Rhythm Tempo, Bass Volume, Chord Volume, Chord Plus Volume, Reverb Depth Control, Chorus Depth Control, Vibrato Depth Control, Pitch Bend Wheel, Transpose, Tuning, Octave Shift
  • Button Controls: Power, Demo, Strumplate Voice Select, Rhythm Style, Select, Rhythm Fill, Rhythm Intro/End, Start/Stop. QCard Play, QCard Pause, QCard Search Up, QCard Search Down
  • Melody Keyboard Voices: 109 General MIDI
  • Other Functions: Rhythm Fill, Rhythm Intro/End, Pitch Bend Wheel, MIDI In & MIDI Out, Transpose, Tuning, Octave Shift
  • Display: Two Digit LCD, Two LED Light Bar, 12 LED's
  • Power Output: 7 Watts, 5" Oval Speaker and Bass Ports
  • Jacks: A/C Power In, 1/4" Line Out/Headphone, MIDI In, MIDI Out

  • QChord
  • AC Adapter

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