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Behringer Studio Vocal Pack

Studio Vocal Pack

B-2 PRO Mic w/LoZ Cable & ULTRA-VOICE PRO VX2000 Preamp/Compressor

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The Studio Vocal Pack includes a B-2 PRO Mic with 20’ Whirlwind LoZ Cable, and the ULTRA-VOICE PRO VX2000 Preamp/Compressor, all at a special discount price! The perfect little package to get that great studio vocal sound!

B-2 PRO Mic
The new top-model, hand-assembled dual-diaphragm condenser microphone features a shock-mounted 1" gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsule, selectable cardioid, omnidirectional or figure-eight directivity pattern, low-cut filter and shielding against high-frequency interference. The B-2 PRO was especially designed with vocalists and recording studio owners in mind.

The +48 V phantom-powered microphone provides a wide frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Its omnidirectional cardioid polar and figure eight pattern, switchable high-pass filter and -10 dB pad, maximum SPL of 149 dB and extremely low-noise transformerless FET circuitry make it useful for close miking in a variety of live and studio applications.

The B-2 PRO features a satin nickel-plated brass body and comes in a rugged, attractive hard case with suspension mount and windscreen.

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Behringer ULTRA-VOICE PRO VX2000
ULTRA-VOICE PRO is a high-end signal processor that combines mic preamp, equalizer, compressor, expander, de-esser and tube emulation in one single rack space, making it the perfect tool for direct-to-disk recording. However, it also serves brilliantly in especially demanding live applications.

On top of that, it’s also extremely easy to use: just connect your microphone or line signal and adjust the input gain, eliminate unwanted frequencies, choose between expander and gate functions, and use the tube emulation to add warmth to your sound. Control the dynamic range using the opto-compressor, add aural enhancement, and finally shape your sound with the 3-band EQ. Still too much sibilance? No problem, thanks to the integrated opto-de-esser. Put the final polish on your vocals with the ULTRA-VOICE PRO.

High-performance mic/line preamplifier and voice processor
Voice-optimized equalizer specially designed for voice enhancement
Opto-compressor for inaudible dynamic control and creative signal processing
Opto-de-esser for removal of excessive sibilance from your vocal track
Integrated dynamic enhancer replaces high frequencies lost through compression
Ultra-low noise 4580 audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding performance
Tube emulation circuitry for typical tube and tape saturation sounds
True RMS expander for extremely smooth noise reduction
Insert loop for connection of external devices
Soft mute +48 V phantom power to avoid switch-on thumps
Accurate LED metering for crystal-clear display of level and processor functions
Ultra high-precision ALPS potentiometers for ultimate accuracy and repeatability
Shielded toroidal power transformer for lowest noise interference
Servo-balanced gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs

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