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Wizoo Pro Guide to Reaktor 3

Pro Guide to Reaktor 3

The Ultimate hands-on guide for all Reaktor fans

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The REAKTOR book „Wizoo Pro Guide to Reaktor 3” is not only suitable for REAKTOR beginners. It serves as a complement to the REAKTOR manual. Basic knowledge about sound synthesis, sampling and sequencing is explained. You also get a step by step guide to building more complex sound machines.

The Wizoo Pro Guide to Reaktor 3 starts by explaining the basics, using Reaktor as the learning platform, and then continues to cover Reaktor’s special features in a way that enables every reader to understand and make the most of them.

The range of topics covers every application of this powerful modular software system, from synthesis modules and sequencing to expert techniqes such as hybrid synthesis/sampling and advanced MIDI and audio processing. Five complex ensembles are fully analysed so the reader can read a Reaktor ensemble like they read a book, completely understanding every detail in addition to giving them five great sounding machines for either their own music or as a basis for further sound experimentation. And as the reader would expect from a Wizoo guide, the learning process is never dull theory as all the explanations are further enhanced by practical examples on the CD-ROM.

Author´s profile

Len Sasso’s interest in synthesis dates back to the prehistoric times of monolithic modular synths without benefit of MIDI and microprocessors. He has taught, consulted and written numerous books and articles on hardware and software synthesis and sequencing. His recent interests include Emagic Logic’s Environment, MetaSynth, The Nord Modular and Reaktor.

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The book that enables both newcomers and experienced users to make the most of Reaktor
Written for the new Version 3 release, it describes all of the latest features
Combining practical examples with easy-to-understand explanations the reader will be introduced to all important Reaktor topics: Installation and system configuration, synthesizer basics and advanced synthesis, samples in Reaktor, sequencing, audio processing and effects.
The main text is complemented by a comprehensive reference section featuring FAQ, Internet links and troubleshooting tips.
Includes a CD-ROM featuring all Reaktor Ensembles and Instruments described in the book plus 57 audio tracks.

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