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Native Instruments

Native Instruments has put together another comprehensive software solution. The most high-performance NI software synths, samplers and effects are now available as NI KOMPLETE. NI KOMPLETE includes the full versions of REAKTOR SESSION, KONTAKT, BATTERY, ABSYNTH 2, VOKATOR, NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY, FM7, B4 Organ und PRO-53. All at a great discount price!

NI KOMPLETE includes these products:

REAKTOR SESSION – vast collection of more than 30 unique instruments and effects, includes access to the online user library with more than 1400 free instruments
ABSYNTH 2 - synthesizer with unrivalled sonic potential
B4 Organ (incl. Tonewheel Set Vintage Collection) – the award-winning organ emulation
FM7 – radically expanded FM synthesizer
PRO-53 – the perfect emulation of an analog synth classic
KONTAKT – the ultimate sampler
BATTERY – the drum sample expert
VOKATOR – the new dimension in vocoding
NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY – unique delay effect

The bundle includes full versions of all the above products for Mac OS* and Windows in one box, with comprehensive multi-language manuals.
The full program.
This extraordinary collection of nine excellent music instruments and effects provides musicians and producers with a gigantic selection of tools and sounds for every style of music.

Each individual instrument in NI KOMPLETE alone represents an outstanding high-performance software tool with endless possibilities for creating sounds, effects and rhythms. Multiply that by nine and you’ve got NI KOMPLETE – the most extensive and valuable software collection for music making and production available, whether on the stage, in the studio, at home, or on the road with a laptop.
Everything you need!
NI KOMPLETE offers every type of instrument imaginable: impressive synthesizers offering everything from virtual analog to digital synthesis methods, powerful samplers for classic sampling and sophisticated granular sampling, authentic emulations of legendary hardware instruments, spectral effects studios and high end vocoders. Thousands of presets as well as endless possibilities for creating new sounds, melodies and rhythms are thus immediately available on any standard Windows or Macintosh computer.

All programs are included for Mac OS* and Windows and can be used both as standalone instruments (for example while playing live) and as a plug-in with all professional host sequencers.

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REAKTOR SESSION is the key to a world of fascinating software instruments. Featuring REAKTOR ’s audio engine and core instrument library, REAKTOR SESSION is an outstanding collection and an entry to the vast world of REAKTOR, without having to construct your own instruments.

REAKTOR SESSION includes a vast range of more than 30 powerful synthesizers and resynthesizers, samplers and beat-loopers, groove and drum machines, surround and innovative effects, and revolutionary creations never seen before. REAKTOR SESSION also includes free access to more than 1400 instruments in the ever-growing online user library at the Native Instruments web site for a virtually unlimited collection of instruments.

ABSYNTH 2.0 Intoxicating Sound

By forging together synthesis and sampling, ABSYNTH 2.0 breaks down all barriers between inspiration and realization. ABSYNTH 2.0 draws its formidable power from a combination of multiple synthesis techniques, granular sampling, and flexible envelope control. A versatile semi-modular architecture and clean interface make it effortless to sculpt everything from organic textures to rhythmic madness, from time-evolving soundscapes to vintage sounds. ABSYNTH 2.0 includes more than 800 evocative, expressive, and musical presets that cover an astonishing range of territory.

B4 tonewheel organ

The B4 is a tonewheel organ combo for stand alone or plugin use, and completely captures the sound of the classic B3 organ including rotating speakers. The B4 takes the popular tonewheel organ into new territory. Added flexibility in sound generation and seamless integration into the recording environment make this possibly the best organ since the original.

Back to the future
The FM7 takes the legendary sound of FM synthesis to a new level. Not only does the FM7 read the complete sound library from the classic FM synths, but it goes far beyond emulation. It adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input and much more to the traditional FM architecture. The user interface of the FM7 makes it comfortable and easy to explore the fascinating new possibilities of FM – Native style.

The PRO-53 carries on the tradition from the legendary days of vintage cult synthesizers. This virtual instrument, fashioned after the Sequential Circuits™ Prophet™-5, provides the sonic properties of the unique originals while meeting the practical requirements of the present day.

Inspired by the immortal sound of the synthesizer giants of the eighties, Native Instruments created the PRO-53 to cast in software those qualities that have been such a major influence on popular music in the past twenty years: brilliance, power, warmth and beauty. Through Native Instruments’ creative development philosophy, these timeless aesthetics have now reached the next step in their evolution. The result is the manifest re-definition of an original that was regarded as unrivalled until now.

PRO-53 – The New Version
With the PRO-53, the third generation of the virtual analog classic is now available. The synthesizer emulation has been vastly improved by a new oscillator technology that offers an even warmer and more brilliant sound. In addition the sonic possibilities have been expanded even further with new features like a high-pass filter mode and an invertible filter envelope. The control surface was also reworked and now shines in a whole new light.

The Sampler
KONTAKT was designed by Native Instruments to be the most powerful sampler ever created. KONTAKT fuses an innovative design with an advanced sampling engine. The result is an inspiringly fast and intuitively flexible sampler with exceptional sound quality.

In addition to supporting all the standard sample playback and manipulation abilities of its hardware and software predecessors, KONTAKT adds several technologies to give sampling a new dimension. Realtime time-stretching and resynthesis, graphical breakpoint envelopes, an integrated loop editor, analog-modelled filters, visually displayed modulation, and breathtaking efficiency create a sampler with the power to realize the most ingenious ideas. An outstanding sample library containing more than three gigabytes of sounds in various styles and categories is also included.

Dynamic Drum Sounds
BATTERY breathes life into your drum samples. It boasts separate sound parameters for 54 sample cells, powerful modulation capabilities and an unbeatable ease of use. BATTERY is fast, effective, intelligent and convenient. It has sample-accurate timing, internal 32-bit resolution, up to 128 velocity layers per instrument and can play samples at any pitch - BATTERY fulfills even the highest demands regarding precision, sound quality and flexibility. BATTERY has access to all the biggest sound libraries because it is compatible with the formats AKAI, SF2, LM4, AIFF, WAV and MAP. Also, more than 30 high quality soundsets (590 MB) are already included on a second CD.

Vocoding in a New Dimension
Powered by an extremely high-resolution FFT spectral engine, VOKATOR defines a new standard for vocoding transparency, detail, and smoothness. In addition to an exceptional vocoder, VOKATOR boasts a sophisticated synthesizer and a granular sampler: a virtual sound-fusion laboratory. With advanced features and multiple modes of operation, VOKATOR opens vast new worlds of sound-design possibilities.

New and exceptional DELAY Effects
The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY differs from the many other audio effects in that it uses real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) to split each channel of a stereo signal into as many as 160 separately modifiable frequency bands (even up to 1024 bands internally). The level, delay time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set separately. Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain, which allows for even further sound manipulation.


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