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Discrete Drums Discrete Drums Series One Pro 12-Disc Set

Discrete Drums  Series One Pro  12-Disc Set

Rock Alternative Professional Edition

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Discrete Drums

31 performances, each with multiple sections such as verses, choruses,
bridges, fills, intros, etc. to build your songs (plus Crash n Burn endings) on 9 CD-ROMS.

8 individual tracks - kick, snare, stereo toms, stereo overhead and stereo room

(2) audio CDs for auditioning or sampling (includes individual drum hits)
(1) CD-ROM with AIFF samples of all drum and cymbal hits (ambient and dry - 24 and 16 bit)
Mac and PC compatible
Wood storage box

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About Series 1. This collection features a huge rock kit with several different snares, a few variations of the kick drum and different room ambience treatments.

We wanted to make using Discrete Drums as easy as possible by editing the sections to loopable lengths. Verses, Choruses, Bridges etc can be butt-spliced together or played back to back with no further editing required. Whole kit crashes are included to use as endings, or placed in a beat where desired.

To alter the tempo of these tracks, please consult the documentation of your host application. Discrete Drums is compatible with both Mac and PC, and works with Pro Tools, Vegas, Digital Performer, Cakewalk, and just about any other digital audio program capable of reading or importing .WAV files.

Series 1 Professional Set consists of 31 Performances, each with several sections including:

alternate beat
no kick drum
splash beat (splashy cymbals)
ride beat (time on the ride cymbal)
tom beat (tom tom version)
b verses
c sections
sections played with brushes
even a few sections with the snares turned off.

There is also a bonus track, and 7 different "Crash and Burn" endings. Cut and paste and assemble to build the arrangement you want. Naming conventions are for reference only -- Intros can be used as fills, verses as choruses etc.

No reverbs (either hardware or software) were used in the mixing or
recording of these performances. The ambience is completely natural - a great sounding room.

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