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Bias SoundSoap 2

Audio Restoration Plug-in FOR MAC OS X & WINDOWS XP

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Whether you’re shooting videos, restoring vinyl LPs, building websites, creating presentations, or making music, you probably care about your audio. Now, there’s an easy-to use tool that will make your work sound better than ever.

BIAS SoundSoap scrubs audio squeaky clean — dramatically reducing tape hiss, clicks and crackles, buzzing and hum, rumble, and most other types of unwanted noise. Archiving your record collection to CD? Let SoundSoap buff out those scratches. Burning CDs from your old cassette collection? Don’t forget the SoundSoap. A perfect narration, except for that annoying air conditioner? SoundSoap it!

Best of all — while SoundSoap uses incredibly advanced technology to do its magic — you don’t need to be an audio expert. Just click the one-step "learn noise" button, and watch SoundSoap automatically clean your audio! Or fine-tune SoundSoap’s intuitive controls for even more professional results — in just seconds.

So when your sound could use some serious sanitizing, or even just a little freshening up, count on SoundSoap. Nothing does the job faster, easier, or more affordably.

The ultimate audio cleaning solution — easily & instantly removes noise from digital video or digital audio files.

SoundSoap works standalone — or as a plug-in for most Audio Unit, DirectX, RTAS or VST host Programs

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• Reduces clicks & crackles, hiss, hum & buzzing, rumble & most other noise — without harming the audio you wish to preserve
• The ideal audio companion for almost any MiniDV, Digital8, or other digital camcorder; video editing software; audio CD burning software; digital audio workstation; audio enabled website; presentation software; or other multimedia application
• Use SoundSoap as a standalone application. Or run it as a fully integrated plug-in with any compatible Audio Units, DirectX, RTAS or VST host program — contact BIAS for latest host compatibility information
• SoundSoap’s easy & intuitive workspace makes cleaning audio a snap — while its unique Wash Window shows how well it works

• Use SoundSoap’s one-step Learn Noise button to automatically reduce noise — or use its manual controls for more advanced applications
• Includes Enhance slider for additional tone control
• Standalone version works with most QuickTime or Windows Media compatible audio or video file (AVI, DV, .WAV, SDII, AIFF, MP3, MP4 & many more)
• Preserve Voice button helps reduce noise (and other audio) outside of the range of the human voice
• Hum removal optimized for 60 Hertz (North America, etc.) or 50 Hertz (Europe, Australia, etc.)
• Noise Only mode lets you listen only to the noise being removed & is ideal for fine-tuning SoundSoap’s controls

• G4 or G5 Apple Macintosh desktop, PowerBook, or iBook (>=400MHz processor recommended)
• Macintosh OS 10.2 minimum
• Standalone mode requires QuickTime 6.5 (included)

• Pentium III or Pentium IV desktop or laptop (>=600MHz processor recommended)
• Windows XP Home or Professional
• Standalone mode requires QuickTime 6.5 (included) and Windows Media 9 (included)

• 128MB RAM minimum
• 20MB available disk space
• Plug-in mode requires compatible Audio Units, DirectX, RTAS or VST host application (contact BIAS for compatibility information)

SoundSoap may be installed on either a Windows or Macintosh computer. However, SoundSoap’s single-platform software license entitles the user to run this software on either a Windows or Macintosh platform but not both. Single-platform registration is required.

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