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Lifetime Memory 2 GIG Compact Flash Card

2 GIG Compact Flash Card

2 GIG Compact Flash Card

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Lifetime Memory

Storage Capacity :
2 GIG of
Nonvolatile solid state storage
• Completely Solid-State (No Moving Parts)
• Flash memory controller provides a fully compatible
CompactFlash interface for the flash memory.
• Compact, lightweight, low-power, and rugged removable
Flash memory storage.
• Ideal for mobile computing, digital camera, and palmtop
computing devices.
• Adapters are available to allow the CompactFlash Cards to
be used in PC Card sockets.
• CompactFlash Standard and PC Card ATA Compatibility
supporting memory, I/O, and True IDE interfaces.
Part Number CF Form Factor Capacity Read Speed Write Speed Data Transfer to/ Operating
from Host (Burst) Temperature
• Form Factors: CompactFlash Type I and Type II
• CIS (Card Information Structure) Programmed into 256
Bytes of Attribute Memory.
• Compatible with PC Card Socket Services
(Release 2.1 or later)
• Compatible with ATA Disk I/O BIOS, DOS/Windows file
System, Utilities, and Applications
• Data Transfer Rates to/from host up to 8 MBytes/s (burst)
• 5V or 3.3V Power Supply

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• The CompactFlash cards may be inserted or removed with
the host powered on (Hot Swappable).

• Shock - 2000Gs, Vibration - 100-2000 Hz @ 20 Gs

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