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TC Electronic Restoration Suite 2.0

Restoration Suite 2.0

Restore vintage or otherwise damaged recordings

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TC Electronic

Restoration Suite brings you professional tools required to restore vintage or otherwise damaged recordings, from broadband noise reduction to click or scratch removal.

DeScratch includes patent pending new technology from Noveltech that eliminates disturbing impulsive-type errors in audio material. This plug-in can reconstruct long missing signal sections way better than any common interpolation algorithm.

The process is based on accurate mathematical modeling of the undamaged signal before and after the damaged signal portion, extrapolating the gaps in between. By the use of forward and backward extrapolation across the damaged area, the missing signal section is estimated with astonishing accuracy.

DeScratch is perfect for removing impulsive disturbances such as extreme clicks or drop outs in digital signals or scratched vinyl recordings. For the first time it is possible to eliminate extremely large scratches without audible artifacts.

The DeScratch plug-in's ‘high quality' mode has been improved significantly with new interpolation algorithms included in version 1.5

DeNoise is optimized for broadband noise removal, from tape hiss to static environmental noise.

The Denoiser is fingerprint-based and its edit tools allow manual adjustment of the analyzed fingerprints for even more precise processing results.

In version 1.5 the DeNoise plug-in has been updated with an 'auto' mode that makes it possible to remove noise from material where it is not possible to take a fingerprint - for instance if there are no parts with noise only. Fingerprints can now be adjusted independently for left and right channels.

DeClick, repairs crackle and clicks featuring a streamlined and fast user interface with only two key parameters.

The Audition function and a display with statistical feedback on the declicking performance, simplifies the setup process.

The DeClick plug detection algorithms has been enhanced significantly in version 1.5.

Like the other Restoration Suite plug-in DeScratch, Noveltech in Finland developed the DeCrackle algorithm. It is specifically designed to remove artifacts ranging from 1 to 20 samples long. Crackles typically manifest themselves as constant surface noise, similar to what you would hear in the background of a record.

As with all plug-ins in the Restoration Suite, DeCrackle has an audition feature, which can be used to playback only the noise that has been removed from the signal.

DeThump is designed to eliminate low frequency pulses, which typically occur with strong impulsive disturbances in LP recordings. These pulses are a result of the impulse response of the playback system.

Combined with the other Restoration Suite plug-ins, the handling of impulsive type degradation errors is also greatly enhanced. DeThump is always used together with DeScratch or DeClick and significantly improves the Restoration Suite's performance of handling this type of degradation.

The DeThump algorithm targets, finds and derives waveform estimates of the thump, thereafter eliminating the thump by subtraction. The algorithm is based on a filtering of the thump. The three averaging filters are two-sided and of different length, and in order to avoid a phase shift the filters are also non-causal. These averages are then combined using simple cross-fade to obtain an estimate of the thump, and the estimate is then subtracted from the corrupted signal. The impulses in the beginning of the thump are left unprocessed so that the further processing stages (DeScratch/DeClick) are not affected by DeThumping. With DeThump it is now possible to deal with strong impulsive errors of up to 12000 samples at 44.1 kHz sampling rate in length, without audible artifacts.

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DeScratch features
New technology based on extrapolation of missing signal parts
Repairs extremely large clicks
Statistical Tools provide processing feedback
Audition mode to preview removed signal portions

DeNoise features
Fingerprint-based denoiser
Draw Mode for fingerprint editing, including Zoom tools
Adjustable Learn time
Optimized for broadband noise
Audition mode to preview removed signal portions

DeClick features
Repairs clicks, also capable of removing crackle
Automatic size adjustment
Statistical Tools provide processing feedback
Audition mode to preview removed signal portions

DeCrackle Features
New technology based on Noveltech research.
Removes artifacts ranging from 1 to 20 samples long.
Repairs constant surface noise.
Audition mode to preview removed signal portions.

DeThump Features
Improves the performance of the whole Restoration Suite.
Now it is possible to deal with impulsive errors of up to 12000 samples at 44.1 kHz sampling rate in length, without audible artifacts.
3 two-sided non-causal averaging filters.
Eliminates low frequency pulses.

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