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Akg H85

Shock Mount designed for C2000/C3000/C4000C/414-XLS

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For the C 414 B-XLS C414 B-XL II microphones and all H100 mount compatible microphones.

- The outside ring has been reduced in diameter from 120 mm (4.7 in.) to 100 mm (4 in.).
- The color has been changed from black to dark gray.
- The clamping range has been increased from 22 - 26 mm (0.87 - 1.02 in.) to 19 - 26 mm (0.7 - 1.02 in.) to accommodate microphones with cylindrical or conical bodies or connectors including, e.g., the AKG Blue Line and ULS Series.

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MPN: 2803Z00080
UPC: 9002761011074

- The H85 also matches several other AKG studio microphones, e.g., the C 2000 B, C 3000 B, and C 4000 B

-Replacement for older Model AKG H100

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