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Ducks Deluxe Copyright Notebook

Copyright Notebook

Do-it-Yourself Copyright Guide

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Ducks Deluxe

Okay, quick!! Drop everything and call your lawyer to find out what it would cost to copyright 2 or 3 of your songs. Okay, good. Duck’s Deluxe is offering "The Ultimate Musicians Do-It-Yourself Copyright Notebook" to copyright all of your music forever!

The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself is sometimes called a "poor man’s copyright." There is no provision in the copyright law regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration.

You will only need to buy "The Ultimate Musicians Do-It-Yourself Copyright Notebook" one time. Just make sure not to use the last form so that you’ll always have a master to copy from. All you need are the songs and everything you need to register the copyright of your songs whether your music is written or recorded is included, sorted, Color coded and ready to go with the easiest instructions possible, all in a 3 ring vinyl notebook with the above logo on the front cover.

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UPC: 647855100297

- Step by Step Color Coded Instructions for Easy Use
- Example forms already filled in by a copyright attorney that can be used as a guide.
- Instructions on how to register a single piece of music or an entire compilation of music for the same price.
- Instructions on how to register both a PA and a SR copyright for the same piece of music at the same time - on just one form for the same price as registering just one.
- Official U.S. Government Forms valid in all fifty states: long forms, short forms, continuation forms - all with instructions for filling out properly - (contains all masters to make copies from, and some copy for your immediate use)
- Instructions on how to properly send your completed material to the Copyright Office including their proper address
- Basic Information Guide
- Sound Recording Guide
- Written Manuscript Guide
- The Copyright Office web link address to PDF forms that can be filled out right on your computer.
- The Copyright Office telephone number should you have additional questions.
- Additional Copyrighting Resources and Related Organizations of Interest
- All in a 3 Ring Vinyl Notebook Binder with inside pockets

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