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Moog Etherwave Theremin Kit

Build-it-yourself Etherwave Theremin Kit

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Authentic theremin sound, fun to play. This is the instrument that so intrigued Bob Moog that he has spent the last 50 years building the most influential electronic musical instruments in the world. This is the build-it-yourself kit (unfinished wood cabinet, pre-built circuit board, several wiring points require soldering). All Etherwaves ship with two video tutorials on one DVD: Clara Rockmore: the Greatest Theremin Virtuosa, and Mastering the Theremin, featuring Lydia Kavina.

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MPN: EW-KIT-0011
UPC: 889406027855

- Antennas: authentic shape, nickel-plated 3/8 in. brass
- Cabinet: furniture-grade hardwoods and Birch plywood; Black instrument-grade finish; mounts on standard mic stand
- Power: durable rocker switch, 110v wall transformer power supply
- Audio Out: 1/4 in. phone jack on front panel, direct audio into your own amp/speaker
- Timbre: 2 continuous rotary controls for waveform and brightness
- Pitch Range: 5 octaves (3 above and 2 below middle C)
- Just like electric guitars and many keyboards, theremins require amplification. While the Etherwave Theremin Amp is recommended, most keyboard amplifiers or PA systems should also be sufficient.

- Power: rocker switch - switches on and off the AC power to theremin
- Audio Out: standard 1/4" phone jack, which delivers line level output to your amplifier
- Pitch: rotary control, for adjusting the response of the pitch antenna
- Volume: rotary control, for adjusting the response of the volume antenna
- Waveform: rotary control, for adjusting the waveform of the audio output
- Brightness: rotary control, for adjusting the brightness of the audio output
- Power Input: receptacle for the special AC adapter that comes with the Etherwave
- Antenna Connectors: threaded connectors which allow the antennas to be removed for travel

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