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Shure PSM900 - P9TRA

Pro Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

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This PSM 900 wireless in-ear monitoring system makes both performers and engineers happy! Shure managed to fix one of the big problems with in-ear wireless systems — the fact that after the in-ear mix has been dialed in for the performer, the mix engineer has no way to check the mix midperformance. What if one of the musicians onstage accidentally turned up too loud? Before the Shure PSM 900 system, everyone had to cross their fingers and hope the first in-ear mix held "good enough" throughout the show. With the PSM 900, though, those days are over. Thanks to its all new, patent-pending CueMode, the mix engineer can monitor and store up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack for easy reference. How handy is that? The PSM 900 has a lot more tricks up its sleeve.

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UPC: 042406172455

  • Frequency Band: L6 ( others available if needed )
  • Wireless in-ear monitoring system
  • Includes P9T transmitter and P9R bodypack receiver
  • Scan and Sync technology saves time during setup
  • CueMode lets the monitor engineer listen in on up to 20 mixes
  • MixMode technology lets you create a custom mix of two separate channels
  • Audio Reference Companding (ARC) for more natural wireless sound quality
  • Active RF Gain Control to prevent RF distortion
  • Separate level and clip indicators, so you can identify the problem
  • Handy L/R outputs on the back panel can be used to daisy-chain units

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