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Magix Samplitude 7 Professional

Samplitude 7 Professional

State of the Art Digital Audio Workstation Software

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The all-in-one software for the digital audio workstation: Recording, editing, mixing, Rich Media authoring und mastering – in fact, everything up to and including ‘Red Book’ compatible burning of audio CDs

Not only are extensive tools available for all the work procedures mentioned above (universally in the 24 bit DVD standard and up to 192 kHz). The renowned sound quality based on highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability and consistent use of floating point calculations ensure that the sound keeps its nuances even after the most intensive digital processing.
Samplitude 7.0 Mixer

Completely executable editing in real time (without destructive intermediate steps) enables totally professional productions from recordings – all the way up to the completed CD. The extensive editing functions, unique object-oriented handling, high quality effects configuration, flexible mixer with variable signal flow, MIDI and 5,1 Surround capabilities – are all rounded off by Pentium III/4 optimization. In addition, the complete media packet video deluxe comes as a fixed component of the samplitude producer bundle.

- 999 tracks, 64 submix busses, 64 aux send busses
- ASIO*, MME and WDM driver support
- complete realtime editing
- Batch Processing
- high class effects set (phase stable mixing- and mastering effects)
- mixer with variable signal flow
- DirectX and VST plugin support with automatic latency compensation
- Pentium 3/4 and Athlon optimizations
- MIDI-Recording/Editing and VST instruments support
- 5.1 Surround
- external remote controller support (e.g. Mackie control)
- POW-r dithering
- realtime room simulator with convolution (inkl. 490 MB impulse samples)
- digital video recording/editing and CD/DVD mastering program

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Complete solution

Samplitude offers everything that a digital audio work station requires:
Recording, mixing, editing mastering – in fact everything up to and including the burning of manufactured Red Book-compatible audio CDs.
You can of course also carry out DVD productions in the standard 24 bit with up to 192 kHz.
The feature set allows a complete In-the-Box-Work, from composing with MIDI and VSTi up to the final CD in one software:
- Low-Latency-Audio-Engine,
- VST*- and DirectX-Plugins
- automatic latency compensation in the complete signal flow,
- external remote control
- realtime room simulator with convolution

Outstanding Sound and POW-r dithering

One of the strongest suits in the Samplitude family is absolute sound neutrality –Comparable in fact with high end analog consoles. The sound always remains full and transparent, retaining its depth without tingeing.
The sound always remains full, transparent and deep. Highly-developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability and constant use of floating point computation ensures that the sound retains its positive sound nuances during intensive digital editing. These are: transparency, neutrality, preservation of transients and stereo field, best possible receive of the signal form.

Samplitude 7 now comes with POW r, a high-quality dither algorithm. Developed and patented by the POW r Consortium, it reduces word lengths of 20, 24 or 32 bits to the standardized 16 bit CD format with a high degree of perceptible signal dynamics and low noise level.

Comprehensive Editing Functions

Samplitude offers a huge range of professional editing functions. Recorded samples can be arranged in any way, cut, and be reworked into soft crossfades. Dozens of tools are available.
Precision volume and pan envelopes that can be automated while remaining true to the original sample round off the tool pallet. Of course, editing is performed virtually – and therefore non-destructive – so that every parameter can at any time be altered without losing valuable material.

Unique Object-oriented Editing

As an enhancement to the traditional concept of mixer-supported editing of complete tracks, all versions offer countless possibilities for direct real-time sample editing. Recorded audio tracks can thus be cut into as many objects as you wish.
Every object can be edited with individual fades and effects, such as Equalizer, Timestretching, Pitchshifting or plugins. Samplitude also offers Aux-Sends on the object level, the well-known linearphase mastering effects, and a widely variable signal flow.

First Class Effect Settups

From mixing to mastering, all production needs are met: Award-winning equalizers, various dynamic processors, Timestretching, Pitchshifting, Reverb and Delay, plus the high-end mastering effects: Multi-tape compressor, Multi-band stereo enhancer,
FFT filter with over 30,000 bands, Amp Simulator, Vocoder, room simulator with folding principle, Denoiser (utilizing the noiseprint method) and Dehisser for real-time noise reduction. Besides routing possibilities for all effects that allow a freely configurable signal flow, these possibilities are not only available to the object level, but also in each mixer channel.

Further features: improved solo effects, unlimited routable busses and Aux-send busses, VST and DirectX plugin support, flexible routing of all integrated and plugin object effects and mixer channel effects.

Burning CDs

It couldn’t be easier: Red Book-compatible audio CDs can be burnt on-the-fly from the arrangement, without having to take any destructive intermediary steps. The continuously updated support makes sure that even the latest models burn perfectly with Samplitude.

Track Speed and Stable Playback

Intelligent cache management means that the harddisk installed will be used to its fullest capacity – confining to history the old problem of too few tracks while producing with 24 bit/96 kHz.
Stable playback: Arrangement playback has priority over all other operations such as opening menus. No more crashing or bumping playbacks!

2 GB file breakthrough

The Windows WAV file size limit of 2 GB is history. Now you can record up to 2 billion stereo samples. That means 10 hours of sounds in just one file with 44,1 or 48 kHz. Complete radio broadcasts can now be recorded in one take.

Further Features

- Easier handling: Work area presets offer interface clarity whereby only the pallet of the function being used currently is displayed
- 5.1 Surround capability (only Samplitude Pro /Sequoia)
- Midi and VST* instruments (Samplitude professional/Sequoia)
- Support of all audio and internet file formats, such as Broadcast WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis and WMA
- Visualizer: optimal metering with highly precise and size-variable peakmeter and spectroscope
- Total control via configurable shortcuts: Samplitude is renowned not only for its flexibility and effective functionality. For almost every command there’s an individually configurable shortcut available (only Samplitude Pro /Sequoia)
- Support of all important driver models: ASIO*, WDM, MME
- Outstanding, helpful user community.

* ASIO and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies AG

Samplitude is available for the following operation systems:
- Microsoft Windows 98/ME
- Microsoft Windows 2000
- Microsoft Windows XP (recommended)


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