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Discrete Drums Discrete Drums Series II Pro 18-Disc Set

Discrete Drums Series II Pro  18-Disc Set

State of the Art Loop Library

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Discrete Drums

Drums by Chris McHugh - Percussion by Eric Darken

The Discrete Drums Series Two Professional Set includes:

11 CD Roms filled with 24 bit drum and percussion tracks in a multitrack format

4 CD Roms of 16 bit Stereo Wav loop files for convenience and quick song layout (fully Acidized).

1 CD Rom containing individual drum and percussion samples in 24 bit Wav format

2 Audio CDs containing all drum and percussion tracks for easy auditioning

18 discs - 33 songs - 743 drum segments - 133 percussion loops - Wood storage case

Styles: Rock, Pop, Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Country crossover

What's New In Series Two:

Up to 16 tracks of drums and percussion to sculpt your rhythm tracks

Multitrack drums and percussion open limitless surround mixing possibilities

These loop ready files are precisely timed out so that 8 bar phrases are exactly 8 bars

Use of mono and stereo interleaved files means that you can handle 8 tracks of audio on 5 tracks (2 mono and 3 stereo)

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"This project was born of necessity. When I tried to use drum libraries in my work as a composer/producer, I quickly found even the best sounding ones tied my hands. Others sounded so dreadful that they were useless right out of the box. One in particular was very impressive to listen to, consisting of well recorded, huge pounding rock drums, lots of reverb, very commanding. However. when I used these in a song, they did not sound as rocking as they did on their own. In some cases the reverbs were way too much, I wanted more kick, a whole host of problems appeared. Not wanting to use a drum machine, I called some old friends, went into the studio, and Discrete Drums was born.

"Most computers now have the processing power to handle a lot of tracks while running some pretty powerful plug-ins. If a project starts to tax your computer, these tracks can be submixed, with or without effects, (saving CPU power), and still be exactly what you want.

"Series Two continues our tradition of implementing new ideas by adding multitrack percussion loops to the multitrack drum performances. This will give you more options that you've ever had (without hiring a drummer). Up to 16 tracks of rhythm material that you can sculpt any way you like. We are proud to be the first, it's just never been done like this before. We hope you are inspired by the drums in this collection, and spend many happy hours creating. That's what it's all about - creativity. Enjoy."

-Rick DiFonzo, Producer

Chris McHugh is regarded as one of Nashville`s top session drummers and has recorded with Jewel, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Backstreet Boys, Reba Mc Entire, Keith Urban, Amy Grant, Alabama, Peter Cetera, Michael Bolton and many others.

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