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Maxon DB10 Dual Booster

Boost Guitar Pedal

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The company that invented the overdrive has re-invented the clean booster!

Introducing the Maxon DB10 Dual Booster – a unique concept in booster design, the DB10 features two completely independent boost circuits in a single compact housing.

The Clean (Left) channel offers up to +20 dB of clean boost with a completely flat frequency response.

The Vintage (Right) channel also offers +20 dB of boost, but with a slight high frequency roll-off and a mild mid-boost when set to max.

Each circuit has its own input and output jacks, allowing them to be cascaded into one another in any order. Place an overdrive or distortion (or any pedal, for that matter) in between the channels for additional tonal options – super-saturated overdrive that can be boosted for solos, etc.

Independent status LED's indicate which channel is engaged and both channels feature True Bypass Switching using a 3PDT switch. Battery or DC (9-18 V) power options.

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UPC: 4515615007666

  • 2 completely independent 20db boosts
  • Clean boost w/ flat EQ- Completely Transparent
  • Vintage boost w/slight high frequency roll-off and a mild mid-boost when set to max
  • Both boost channels has it's own input and outputs resulting in never ending set up possibilities.

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