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Vince Gill Pre-assembled on a beautiful tortoiseshell pickguard

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Over the past decade, Vince Gill has won every award in country music. His collection of Grammies, Country Music Association awards, and American Music awards is so extensive that it fills several pages! One listen to his music and you can hear why so many people make him a favored artist. His roots run deep, with a tip of the hat to tradition. Until you get to his guitar solos - his thick and glassy tones are totally modern, defining the sounds of "New Country." To create this unique tone, Vince Gill turns to EMG.

The Pro Series VG20 System is exactly the same setup that Vince uses on his main black Strat� (well, actually we switched his black pickguard for a snazzy Tortoise Shell model).

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UPC: 654330302466

three EMG-S single-coil active pickups
five-way selector switch
EMG-SPC Presence Control
volume knob and tone control
deluxe Tortoise Shell pickguard with black knobs
battery clip and switching output jack
Vince chose the EMG-S System for their bright, crisp tone. The S pickups feature ceramic magnets for a snappy high end with tight definition in the mids and lows, delivering the classic country twang. The SPC control lets you dial up a warm midrange boost, for a thicker tone when you need it, but can be completely bypassed when it�s in the full counterclockwise position.

The VG20 comes pre-assembled on a custom Tortoise Shell pickguard. The entire system requires only one 9V battery, so the entire system will drop into any standard Strat� body with no additional routing.

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