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Remo Coated Diplomat Drumhead - 12 Inch

Coated Diplomat Drumhead - 12 Inch

Tom Head

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Over 40 years of research and development have gone into Remo Weatherking drumheads. The results are drumheads that have allowed drummers to achieve higher levels of playing and variety of sound than anyone ever thought possible. The Remo Weatherking Coated Diplomat is a fine example of this hard work.

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Remo found that using a weather-resistant synthetic material solved the tuning inconsistencies inherent in calfskin heads due to changing weather conditions. The Remo Weatherking Coated Diplomat drumhead is a single ply, very thin head with a clear and bright tone. A thin white coating effectively dampens unwanted overtones and creates an ideal surface for brush playing. Designed as a batter side head for snare and toms, the Coated Diplomat is best suited for jazz players or drummers that are looking for an open sound at low dynamic levels. Make a "sound" decision; choose the Remo Weatherking Clear Diplomat drumhead.

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