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Remo Clear Pinstripe Drumhead - 8 Inch

Clear Pinstripe Drumhead - 8 Inch

Snare/Tom Head

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Control is the name of the game when playing the drums. Control not only over you playing, but over your sound as well. Remo has developed the Pinstripe drumhead to help you take control of your sound.

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Remo’s popular Pinstripe heads are made from two plies of Remo clear film that are bonded at the collar to dampen both high overtones and overall resonance. The result is a very focused, low pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics that is ideal for creating a deeper, fatter, controlled drum sound. Played by Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Lars Ulrich (Metallica) just to name a few, the Remo Clear Pinstripe can help you to take control of your sound. Ideal as a batter head on both toms and bass drum.

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