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Vic Firth Rock American Classic Hickory - Wood Tip

Rock American Classic Hickory - Wood Tip

One Pair Drum Sticks

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Vic Firth

Since 1963, Vic Firth Inc. has produced some of the best drumsticks and mallets available. Through ongoing improvement in material selection, manufacturing processes, uncompromising quality control and their proprietary computer testing system, they have truly provided their customers with the "Perfect Pair" of drumsticks and mallets.As every Vic Firth drumstick passes through the manufacturing process, it is inspected and reinspected to ensure the highest quality product.

This begins at the sawmill, where only the finest logs are cut into squares. These squares are dried to an exact moisture level in our own kilns under closely monitored conditions which prevents stress, cracks and warpage.The squares are doweled and then "ground" into drumsticks on centerless grinders – an approach which maintains the greatest consistency at the highest levels of dimensional tolerance.
After finishing and labeling, the sticks are rolled again for straightness, hand sorted for color consistency and then sent through a proprietary computer pairing system. This exclusive process measures the weight, pitch and density of each stick and compares these variables to the characteristics of hundreds of other sticks. Pairs are then matched to the closest possible tolerances, resulting in two drumsticks that are perfectly matched for optimum balance, sound and feel. No other stick manufacturer in the world offers this value-added service.

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These sticks are made from hickory for durability and have a more pronounced sound. Wood tips are deeply back-cut for intensified cymbal response. Nylon tips are shaped for the same feel as wood tips.

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