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Crown PCC-160 Black

Phase Coherent Cardioid Boundary Microphone

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The Crown PCC-160 (Phase Coherent Cardioid) is a surface-mounted supercardioid microphone intended for professional applications on stage floors, lecterns, conference tables, and news desks—wherever improved gain-before-feedback and articulation are important. Similar to the Pressure Zone Microphone (PZM), the PCC is designed to be used on a relatively large boundary surface. Unlike the PZM, the Phase Coherent Cardioid uses a subminiature supercardioid mic capsule. Its directional polar pattern improves gain-before-feedback, reduces unwanted room noise and rejects sounds from the rear. Surface-mounting creates a "half-supercardioid" polar pattern and increases directivity 3 dB. Since the microphone capsule is placed on a boundary, direct and reflected sounds arrive at the diaphragm in-phase. This coherent addition of direct and reflected waves increases sensitivity 6 dB and prevents phase cancellations. The mic capsule is small enough to ensure phase coherency up to the highest frequencies in the audible spectrum, resulting in a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference. Clarity and reach are also enhanced. Self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an in-line preamp box. The PCC-160 can be phantom powered directly from the console or other remote power source providing 12 to 48 volts. If battery power is required, a battery supply unit can be inserted anywhere in the mic line right up to the console or mixer. A "bass tilt" switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications. Thanks to its low profile and black finish, the microphone becomes almost invisible in use. A side-mounted connector complements the form factor of the PCC-160, allowing the unit to be placed effectively at the stage edge, at the top of a lectern or in other tight spots. If desired, the cable can be hard-wired for bottom entry. The PCC-160W is finished in off-white to blend with church altars and other surroundings where lighter color is appropriate. The heavy-gauge, all steel body protects the unit from accidental abuse. Permanent mounting is enabled by screw holes in the base. Engineering attention-to-detail has assured years of trouble-free use from this reliable microphone. Capable of withstanding up to 120 dB SPL without distorting, the PCC-160 will never overload in practical use. Its electret condenser capsule pro-vides a wide, smooth frequency response from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. RFI suppression is included. Self-noise is low, and sensitivity is very high to override mixer noise in distant-miking applications.

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Output impedance is 150 ohms, balanced. Type: Phase Coherent Cardioid. Element: Electret condenser. Frequency response (typical): 50 Hz to 18,000 Hz at 30 degrees incidence to surface. Polar pattern: Half-supercardioid (supercardioid in the hemisphere above the primary boundary). Impedance: 150 ohms nominal (85 ohms actual), balanced. (Recommended load impedance 1000 ohms or greater.) Open-circuit sensitivity: 22mV/Pa* (–33 dB re 1 V/Pa*). Power sensitivity: –31 dB re 1 milliwatt/Pa*/–123 dBm EIA. Equivalent noise level (self noise): 22 dB typical (0 dB = .0002 dyne/cm 2 ), A-weighted. S/N ratio: 72 dB at 94 dB SPL. Maximum SPL for 3% THD: 120 dB SPL. Polarity: Positive pressure on the diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3 of output connector. Cable: 15-foot, black, two-conductor shielded cable with Switchcraft TA3F connector and A3M connector. Operating voltage: Standard phantom power: 12 to 48 volts DC positive on pins 2 and 3 with respect to pin 1. Current drain: 4 mA nominal. Materials: All steel body construction. Finish: PCC-160: black. PCC-160W: off-white. Net weight: 11.5 oz. (326 g). Dimensions: See Fig. 4. Optional accessories: Crown PH-1A phantom power supply (one channel, battery or AC-adapter powered). Crown PH-4B phantom power supply (four channels, AC powered). Frequency Response Frequency in Hz Vertical Plane Polar Response *1 pascal = 10 dynes/cm 2 = 10 microbars = 94 dB SPL.

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