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JBL CWT128 White

Dual 8-In 2-Way Loudspeaker System w Crossfired Waveguide Technology

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The JBL Crossfired Waveguide Technology CWT128 is a compact full-range 2-way system designed to provide extremely wide-angle coverage with maximum bandwidth and SPL in a single system package. The unique wide coverage pattern horn is designed to provideseamless coverage to 160-degrees horizontally. CWT128’s small footprint makes the system ideal for nearly all architecturally sensitive environments, taking up about a third of the footprint of two speakers splayed side by side.

The CWT128's relatively compact size and small footprint (31.94" H x 10.22" W x 11.84" D) take up about a third of the footprint of two speakers arranged side by side. The CWT128 is ideal for performance spaces, houses of worship, auditoriums, transportation facilities, theme parks, sports facilities and other indoor and outdoor applications. Because one speaker can be used instead of two, installation costs can be lowered by reducing the number of cabinets, cabling, labor and other costs. The CWT128’s clean, rounded look blends well with contemporary architectural spaces.

The CWT128 is fitted with dual 8" JBL SFG™ (Symmetrical Field Geometry) LF drivers each with a copper clad aluminum edge-wound 64 mm (2.5") voice coil and a copper clad pole piece that improves performance by reducing voice coil inductance and distortion. Additionally, the CWT182 is fitted with dual 2408H-1 25 mm (1") exit, 38 mm (1.5") diaphragm compression drivers.

The rugged multiply hardwood enclosure is designed with multiple mounting options and finished in JBL’s textured DuraFlex™ finish with a heavy duty powder coated steel grille.

Includes an internal passive network and 110W 70/100V transformer with barrier strip terminal input for permanent installation.


The CWT128 is specifically designed to work in a variety of performance spaces including performing arts facilities, houses of worship, auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference facilities. For larger, public spaces, applications include transportation facilities, theme parks, and sports facilities. With its superb, high fidelity sound and driver complement, it is also well suited for cinema use where multiple surround cabinets are required.

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  • Seamless horizontal coverage across a full 160°
  • Compact size and small footprint make it ideal for architecturally sensitive environments
  • Dual 205 mm (8 in) LF transducers
  • Extremely wide-coverage 160° x 60° waveguide
  • Dual 25 mm (1") exit, 38 mm (1.5") diaphragm compression driver

  • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 71 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 96 Hz - 19 kHz
  • Horizontal Coverage: 160°
  • Vertical Coverage: 60°
  • System Sensitivity1: 94 dB SPL/1W/1m
  • Rated Maximum SPL (1m)2: 129 dB
  • System Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Long-Term System Power Rating3: 450W (1800 Peak)
  • System Power Rating4: 850W/1700W/3400W
  • Crossover: 1.5 kHz
  • 70/100V Transformer Taps: 170V: 110W, 55W, *28W
  • 100V: 110W & 55W

  • Low Frequency Driver: 2 x JBL 228J, 205 mm (8")SFG™ driver with 64 mm (2.5") edge wound voice coil
  • High Frequency Driver: 2 x 2408H-1 25 mm (1") exit compression driver, 38 mm (1.5") voice coil
  • High-Frequency Waveguide: Crossfired Waveguide based on
  • Patented Technology

  • Enclosure: 12 mm and 15 mm exterior grade multi-ply hardwood plywood
  • Suspension Attachment: 4 x M10 (1 x M10 points, onetop, one bottom, plus 1x M10 point on each side panel.) 4 M8 rear for OmniMount® 60.0
  • Grille: Powder coated 16 gauge perforated steel, acoustically transparent foam backing (grille cloth backing on white units)
  • Input Connectors: CE-compliant covered barrier strip terminals. Barrier terminals accept up to 5.2 sq mm (10 AGW) wire or max width 9 mm (0.375") spade lugs.
  • Environmental Specifications: Mil-Std 810; IPx3 per IEC529.
  • For higher environmental ratings, use WRC or WRX.
  • Dimensions: 31.94" H x 10.22" W x 11.84" D
  • Weight: 40.9 lbs

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