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JBL CBT-1000E White

Purpose-Designed Extension for CBT 1000 Line Array Column Speaker

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When connected to a CBT1000 line array column speaker, the CBT1000E Extension provides extended bass response, extended pattern control, and increased sound output levels. The combined array system provides Constant Beamwidth Technology™, which represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilizing complex analog beamforming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing that are typical of passive column speakers.

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MPN: CBT-1000E W

  • Components: Six (6) 165 mm (6.5 in) high-excursion LF drivers (CBT1000E)
  • 1500 Watt power handling (CBT1000E)
  • Built-in purpose-designed crossover network, for combining with CBT1000 (CBT1000E)
  • Coupler plate included (CBT1000E)
  • Extended pattern control
  • Components: Twenty-four (24) 25 mm (1 in) extra-high-power soft dome tweeters and Twelve (12) 165 mm (6.5 in) high-excursion LF drivers (CBT1000+1000E)
  • 3000 watt power handling (CBT1000+1000E)
  • Patent-pending Constant Beamwidth Technology ™ provides constant directivity up to the highest frequencies and reduces out-of-coverage lobing.
  • Vertical pattern coverage is individually adjustable through a range of four (4) “Pattern Up” angles and four (4) “Pattern
  • Down” coverage angles for a total of sixteen (16) different coverage combinations, all without the use of external DSP processing (CBT1000)
  • Patent-pending Tapered Horizontal Waveguide provides a continuously varying horizontal dispersion (very wide for short-throw, narrower for long-throw) delivering superior coverage in both the front and rear corners of a room (CBT1000)
  • Single-speaker system room coverage at high SPL, with little over-splash and strong bass response down to below 38 Hz (CBT1000+1000E)
  • Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or mid-range presence peak in speech mode (CBT1000)
  • Swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket and coupler plate included.

  • 1COMPONENTS Twenty-four (24) 25 mm (1 in) extra-high-power soft dome tweeters and Twelve (12) 165 mm (6.5 in) high-excursion LF drivers (CBT1000+1000E)
  • FREQUENCY RANGE (-10 DB) 38 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Coverage Vertical (selectable via switch)
  • Sensitivity (2.83V@ 1m) 102 dB (at highest sensitivity setting: “Point” pattern up, “Point” pattern down, “Speech” voicing, in free space)
  • 95 dB (at lowest sensitivity setting: “Medium” pattern up, “Downfill” pattern down, “Music” voicing in free space)
  • Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
  • Power Capacity 3000 W (12000 W peak), 2 hrs
    2000 W (8000 W peak), 100 hrs
  • Max SPL Highest directivity setting: (“Point” pattern up, “Point” pattern down) with “Speech” voicing:
  • 131 dB continuous average pink noise
  • 134 dB continuous program
  • 137 dB Peak
  • Highest directivity setting: (“Point” pattern up, “Point” pattern down) with “Music” voicing:
  • 127 dB continuous average pink noise
  • 130 dB continuous program
  • 133 dB peak
  • Lowest directivity setting: (“Medium” pattern up, “Downfill” pattern down) with “Speech” voicing:
  • 128 dB continuous average pink noise
  • 131 dB continuous program
  • 134 dB peak
  • Lowest directivity setting: (“Medium” pattern up, “Downfill” pattern down) with “Music” voicing: 124
  • Vertical Coverage Settings Coverage is effective (frequency response similar) beyond the traditional -6 dB coverage angles. This is especially useful in compensating for differences in listening distances. Figures show both the -6 dB and -12 dB coverage angles (at 3 kHz). Angles are in reference to cabinet aiming axis.
  • Pattern UP Settings:
  • “Point”: -6dB @ +7°, -12 dB @ +12°
  • “Tight”: -6dB @ +9°, -12 dB @ +15°
  • “Narrow”: -6dB @ +10°, -12 dB @ +20°
  • “Medium”: -6dB @ +13°, -12 dB @ +24°
  • Pattern DOWN Settings: “Point”: -6dB @ -7°, -12 dB @ -12°
  • Horizontal Coverage Patent-pending Tapered Horizontal
  • Waveguide continuously variable.
  • Long-throw (top) section: 100°
  • Middle section: 130°
  • Short-throw (bottom) section: 160°
  • Transducers
  • Low Frequency Drivers 12 pcs, 165 mm (6.5 in) drivers, neodymium, 50 mm (2 in) voice coil, damped blended textile surround, coated diaphragm for moisture, UV, and salt resistance.
  • High Frequency Drivers 24 pcs, 25 mm (1 in) drivers, neodymium, encased magnet and coated diaphragm for moisture, UV, and salt resistance.
  • Enclosure Fiberglass reinforced ABS cabinet, powder coated 1050 aluminum grille
  • Outdoor Capability IP-55 rated, per IEC529, when installed with optional MTC-PC2 panel cover. Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity, temperature & UV, ASTM G85 for acid-air/salt-spray (200 hrs).
  • Colors Black (RAL9004) or White (-WH) (RAL9016)
  • Insert Points Coupler plate utilizes the bottom two rows of the top speaker and the top two rows of the bottom speaker, leaving available: 20 individual M8 inserts on back panel (20 mm deep) for use with swivel (pan)/tilt bracket(s), plus 4 individual M8 inserts on top and 4 on bottom of cabinet end-caps.
    Mounting Included two-part swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket provides continuously variable +/- 45 degree left-right swivel aiming (at no up/down tilt – see Bracket Guide for maximum swivel range at various up/down tilt angles), continuously variable +/- 5.25 degree tilt, in the following increments: 5.25°, 5.0°, 4.5°, 4°, 3.75°, 3.5°, 3.0°, 2.75°, 2.5°, 2.0°, 1.75°, and 1.25°. Twenty (20) available threaded mounting points located on back panel of cabinet conform to industry standard rectangular 127 x 70 mm (5.0 x 2.75 in) pattern for legacy OmniMount® and other compatible third–party brackets. Four (4) threaded mount points on the top end-cap and four (4) on the bottom end-cap. Threaded mounting points can be utilized for suspension. (Always use multiple mounting points.)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 2040 mm x 250 mm x 345 mm (80.4 x 9.9 x 13.6 in)
    Net Weight (cabinet): 47.2 kg (104 lbs)
    Included Accessories Two-piece swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket Coupler Plate
    Optional Accessories MTC-PC2 terminal panel cover MTC-CBT1K-ACC1 Accessory kit includes: 2 pcs MTC-CBT-FM3 flush-mount brackets 1 pc MTC-CBT-OS3 offset bracket (for CBT 1000+1000E array – works in conjunction with CBT 1000E’s included Coupler Plate for locating CBT 1000E extension cabinet above CBT 1000 instead of below it) MTC-CBT-SUS3 CBT Series suspension bracket kit (2 pcs included to provide top and bottom attachment points)

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